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Exclusive Hotels and Resorts, Luxurious Boutique & Charme Hotels. Dreamy places and cities to discover, for unforgettable stays. Wines of big and small producers, always respecting quality. But also spirits, beers and other good drinks. International Chefs, the best sommeliers and other characters who create new trends in the areas of interest of iBESTmag. The best restaurants, places to enjoy good food, culinary specialties and food. With great attention to the environment and the territory. Travel suggestions, with an eye to our favorite themes. And the pleasure of Beauty, which is natural or the result of the work of Human Being. Specials dedicated to single themes or specific companies. In online browsable form, to read them like real magazines, wherever you are.

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Luxury Hotels

iBestmag - Editorial Staff 24th October 2018
Luxury, Beauty, Exclusivity, Charm, Sensuality and Mystery.   In Venice, behind the simple name Palazzina Grassi, ...
iBestmag - Editorial Staff 10th September 2018
The Fascination of the Colonial past and the Look towards the Future.   Once Upon a ...
iBestmag - Editorial Staff 11th July 2018
The Luxurious Way for a Neapolitan Stay.   The Romeo  is definitely not a hotel like ...

Drinking Well

iBestmag - Editorial Staff 13th November 2018
Romanée - Conti: The Desire goes to auction.   There are names that resonate in the ...
iBestmag - Editorial Staff 9th November 2018
  Interview with Pino Perrone. Around the event "A tutta Torba", (3rd edition), dedicated to peaty ...
iBestmag - Editorial Staff 28th September 2018
Vertical Tasting "Diplomàtico" Rum - Press Event A. Rome Lifestyle Hotel.   It was held yesterday, ...

The Food Delights

iBestmag - Editorial Staff 13th September 2018
Valencia: September 20th 2018.   The Paella is a traditional Valencian dish, dating back to the ...
iBestmag - Editorial Staff 16th March 2018
Delights from the Cantabrian Sea. Santoña, a small town of "only" 12,000 inhabitants that overlooks the ...
iBestmag - Editorial Staff 26th February 2018
Food and Wine Excellencies of a Region that Deserves to be Better Known.   The event ...

Browsable Specials

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