Meregalli Group, with the “100 Wines & 100 Spirits” event presented the prestigious catalog of products distributed by the brand to the sector’s experts.   The numbers of this event that took place in Rome, last September 30th, in the always fascinating location of the Salone delle Fontane – Eur, are in fact impressive: ACCREDITED PEOPLE 1622 PRESENTED WINES LABELS 302 UNPROTED WINE BOTTLES 1912 SPIRITS LABELS PRESENTED 179 UNSOLD SPIRITS BOTTLES 374 TASTING TABLES 83 MASTECLASS 4 TASTING HOURS 8 Check the video we made to get an idea of all this.       NOTE: We apologize […]

  The Rose Drinking Festival – Rosa Rosati Rosè in Rome with the homonymous Guide and the Zosimo Wine Selection, at the Hotel Barcelò Aran Mantegna.   Another event dedicated to Italian Rosé wines, demonstrating the recent increased interest in this category, also here in Italy. In fact, we’ve been right last year when we too decided to dedicate a Special issue to these wines too (HERE)           We are in fact convinced that the varietal richness of our vines is able to offer high quality products, perfectly able to compete with those of other countries […]

  Great success for the Roma Bar Show: the first international event held in Italy, entirely dedicated to the beverage & mixology world. A very large public has awarded, on September 23th & 24th, the Roma Bar Show. An international event that saw the participation of hundreds of companies in the beverage, mixology and even food sectors. A few numbers are enough to give an idea of ​​the scope of the event: – 9628 presences – 28 tasting room – 8 Academy Lab – 10 Main Seminars – The largest Mixology seminar (with Marian Beke) ever done with over 800 […]

With “Good … I didn’t know it!” after the summer break, the Go Wine appointments start again at the Savoy Hotel in Rome.   This time the event ( Buono… non lo conoscevo! ) focuses on the richness of the Italian vineyard, made up of many realities linked by history and culture to different territories.

  Six trendy recipes from the Rome Bar Show, previewed for iBESTmag.   For the upcoming event dedicated to the world of Beverage & Mixology, we took the opportunity to give you a few “gems” in preview among those you will find on September 23/24 at Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome. Thanks to my friend Carlo Dutto (an expert in the field, who has already provided us with great success, some cocktail recipes for the past summer), we have the possibility to offer you six tasty drinks, among those that companies and mixologists present will propose to the public during […]

White, Rosé and Sparkling Wines of Lazio.   During this hot summer, food and wine events are multiplying. In all of Italy there is no day (or rather evening) that cannot be found in one’s own city, or in vacation places an event that has food and good drinking as its theme. Opportunities to spend some time during the holidays, to go out at night when it is cooler, but also opportunities to always learn about new production realities, find those already known and deepen their knowledge.

  Great Muscat wines on the rooftop at Savoy Hotel.   In its many varieties, one of the most widespread and appreciated vines in Italy. The Moscato is in fact cultivated from the Valle d’Aosta to Sicily and offers countless wines with a great smell and sweet taste (although there are numerous varieties of dry muscat) excellent with desserts and some cheeses, or even as pleasant meditation wines.

  Wine and food tour in Tuscany. Pecorino cheese, Cinta Senese cured meats, Chianina, organic and biodynamic wines, hospitality.   This time, we wanted to make our “browsable special” even more “special” and so, we organized a Tour in Tuscany, in search of … Treasures.   (From the Editorial) Treasures of Tuscany is a travel suggestion, an arbitrary itinerary, with no apparent logical connection. At least this is what it may seem, because we have achieved it not so much for specific places or areas, nor even by following history and/or art, which have so much to do when it […]

    Eight cool recipes for this hot 2019, proposed by the best mixologists.   Summer, we all know, is the time of year when we spend more time outside the home: we travel, we take part in parties, we meet friends, we relax on sunny beaches and above all, we drink a lot of more. Both to quench their thirst, but also, dragged by the atmosphere and the events of the season.

  The best Italian Rosè wines in the event organized by Cucina & Vini.   In the splendid setting of Palazzo Brancaccio in Rome, the eighth edition of BereRosa was staged: an event organized by the magazine Cucina & Vini to disseminate and enhance the production of Italian rosè wines.

An evening at Savoy Hotel, dedicated to the king of Piedmontese vines, in its various forms: Barolo, Barbaresco and Roero.   Also in 2019, last May 21th, in Rome, Go Wine offered us the opportunity to taste the products of numerous – about 30 – Nebbiolo based wine cellars. An opportunity particularly appreciated by those who, like us, love this type of wines. It’s, of course, just a “cross-section” of the immense and variegated Piedmontese production, which counts hundreds and hundreds of companies devoted to the cultivation and preservation of these grapes which, luckily for us, give such extraordinary results.

  Taste a History: an event dedicated to Lazio winemakers belonging to the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers at the WeGil in Rome.   The institutional purpose of the F.I.V.I. is to bring together the producers to represent them and promote the quality and authenticity of Italian wines, both in relations with institutions and the general public. The association also fulfills its tasks with events such as the one held in Rome on March 31 last: “Taste a History”, at the WeGil exhibition space, this time mainly dedicated to the promotion of Lazio wines. Some “guests” from other regions were […]

  Natural, Biological and Biodynamic Wines on show in Rome, at the City of the Other Economy.   Another event dedicated to Natural, Organic and Biodynamic wines. The V.A.N fair (Vignaioli Artigiani Naturali) was held in Rome last March 9/10th at the Città dell’Altra Economia. Over forty producers that adhere to the “Chart of Intents” established by the Association, presented the product of their daily efforts in this two days, rewarded by a remarkable public success.

  An evening at the Hotel Savoy – Rome, dedicated to the presentation and promotion of selected wines from the Guide published by the Association.   Another interesting initiative, the one promoted by Go Wine (we already talked about it HERE) at the Savoy Hotel on March 5th, where some of the wineries included in their Guide “Cantine d’Italia” (Italian Wineries) were presented. A particularly welcome opportunity to always taste new wines that we did not miss.

  A Successful Event dedicated to all the Whiskey of the world.   Over two thousand labels, dozens of master classes and seminars, different thematic areas and of course, thousands of visitors. All this was the Rome Whisky (or Whiskey) Festival – VIII Edition, which took place on March 2/3rd in Rome, as usual at the Salone delle Fontane – EUR.

  An Extensive Choice of Natural Wines in Tasting at Officine Farneto.   A winemaking that respects the environment and health, but always of high quality, can only be welcomed. The wines produced by the winemakers belonging to the Vinnatur association are a clear example of this. And we have had proof during the event held in Rome last  Feb. 23/24th , which proposed more than 90 wineyards to the attention of fans of good drinking.

  In Rome, the annual event that presented the 2019 production of the most important Italian wineries.   Also this year Luca Maroni has realized his event dedicated to Italian wines in the fascinating location of the Hall of Fountains in the EUR. Four evenings (Feb 14th – 17th) dedicated mainly to the tasting of over 700 labels proposed by 140 manufacturers.

Romanée – Conti: The Desire goes to auction.   There are names that resonate in the collective imagination as unattainable myths, whose existence is fabled but you are not really sure if it is truth or fantasy. The elements that make up the myth are told, but most people will never have the opportunity to verify it in person, let alone possess them, n case of real objects or material goods.

  Flûte Bar & Lounge by Herve Rousseau.   Since 1997, if you want to taste an excellent Champagne in New York, the Flûte Bar & Lounge by Herve Rousseau is the ideal meeting point in Midtown – Manhattan. In fact, near the Carnegie Hall and Central Park, Herve decided to open its first Flute Bar, in an already famous place since the days of Prohibition.

Tradition and Science combined to produce Great Wines.   Cantine del Notaio is a leading company in Italy’s wines production panorama: it is no coincidence that during the Vinitaly 2018 it received numerous awards for individual wines and as a producer was elected “Winery of the Year”. These are in addition to the over 600 prizes and awards already obtained both in Italy and abroad.

Santa Severa’s Castle (Rome).   In the historic setting of the Santa Severa’s Castle (Rome) the third edition of IOVINO was held on May 6/7th and presented to the public and professionals an impressive number of wines (more than 500 labels from about 80 producers) from Marche and Campania.

Team’s Day 2018 @ MAXXI – Rome.   When we talk about excellence in the wine and food sectors, we often do not immediately think of all the realities that these worlds make up. In fact, the production chain would not make any sense if there was no commercial one to support it. The products, as valid and high quality, must be able to reach the final user in a world, however, where it is increasingly difficult to emerge and establish its own market. Distribution agencies therefore play a fundamental role in the success of a winery or food business.

By Spirit of Scotland.   Another important event in the prestigious setting of the Salone delle Fontane in Rome. This time the undisputed protagonist was the Whisky (or Whiskey as they call it in Ireland and U.S.A. ). The Rome Whisky Festival 2018 by Spirit of Scotland was staged on March 3rd and 4th.

Food and Wine Excellencies of a Region that Deserves to be Better Known.   The event was held on February 18th, organized by the Simposio Trionfo del Gusto. And when it comes to Excellence, iBestmag is always there, whether it’s hospitality, drinking, or food. In this case wines, cheeses, cured meats, olive oil and sweets were the protagonists of the day. Tintilia and Caciocavallo di Agnone have made the lion’s share of them all. Respectively a wine and a cheese that best represent the typical Molise.

The Best Italian Wines 2018.   An event like that organized by Luca Maroni, held in Rome in these days (Feb 15th to 18th), really happens to inaugurate the “live” activity of iBestmag. The subtitle of the event is in fact “The Excellencies on Display”, just as excellence is the cornerstone of our Mission.

A Journey through the Distilleries of Islay and Skye.   When iBESTmag was not yet a web magazine, some of our collaborators made a Press Trip to Scotland and precisely, in the islands of Skye and Islay, where they produce some of the most popular and appreciated Single Malt Whisky brands . Because the concept we want to express in this magazine is linked to quality, choice and selection. In short, the pursuit of good drinking, be it tied to a wine, a distillate and why not, to a good craft beer.

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