The forgotten pleasures of elegance and the art of living – Interview with Douglas Mortimer.   In a fast-paced world, which is constantly changing before our eyes and where the reference values ​​are often ephemeral and superficial, there are still to our good fortune, characters like Douglas Mortimer who, with happy intuition, sympathy and communication skills, endeavor to keep alive the values ​​of beauty, elegance, kindness and art of living. “Classic” values ​​that are always valid and fundamental in human relationships.

Interview with the Chef of Hassler’s Imàgo Restaurant.   The protagonist of this new interview is Francesco Apreda, to whom Dr. Roberto E. Wirth: Owner, Director and General Manager of the Hassler Hotel, has decided in 2003 to entrust the role of Executive Chef of the prestigious Imàgo Restaurant of the Hassler.

Interview with The Master.   We couldn’t choose a better way to celebrate the first six months of a web magazine focused on excellence as iBESTmag is, than the interview we proudly offer today, to our loyal readers. Heinz Beck has been living for years in the Gotha of world food and never like this time we think that too many words of presentation are superfluous. We therefore limit ourselves to the essentials and then immediately move on to his long and fascinating interview by Daniela Barone.

Interview with Michel Drappier.   It ‘s been natural for us to interview Michel Drappier for iBESTmag: in fact during a reportage carried out some years ago, in the Champagne region, at the time of the harvest, we had the pleasure of visiting the Maison Drappier (Urville), tasting its extraordinary wines and meet him personally.

Interview with le “Roi des Éclairs”.   The sweet journey of a “Pâtissier” different from any other. So Christophe Adam begins to tell his life. A long journey that from his native Bretagne, led him to become one of the stars in the pastry (and not only) worldwide. From the prestigious Le Gavroche in London, to the Hotel Crillon in Paris, up to the long years spent in the “temple” of the Parisian pastry, Fauchon (with important assignments, from Head Pastry Chef to Creative Director), a series of increasingly formative experiences, combined with his passion and his endless imagination, have […]

An Italian (Sommelier) in Paris.   Another interview, another excellence! This time we’ll talk with Gabriele Del Carlo, Sommelier in Paris, at the Four Seasons Hotel George V and twice winner of the Italian Sommelier Championship, with the two most important associations in the sector (2011 AIS – 2017 ASPI).

Interview with Enrico Bartolini.   When we decided to dedicate this web magazine to excellence, we did it thinking to moments like this. We are therefore happy and honored that a Chef of the fame of Enrico Bartolini, dedicated us a small part of his precious time to answer an interview that we now proudly offer to our readers.

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