Wet Shaving – Interview with Mastro Livi. The Italian excellence of straight razors.      With this article/interview, we present to our readers a sector that, in recent years, has gained increasing interest in the field of male “self-care”: the so-called Wet Shaving. After more than thirty years during which shaving has almost always been identified as an annoying and unavoidable daily task, to be performed as quickly as possible, before leaving the house in the morning, in the last five years there has been a significant return of interest for traditional practices. Many men today, both young and more […]

  Wine and food tour in Tuscany. Pecorino cheese, Cinta Senese cured meats, Chianina, organic and biodynamic wines, hospitality.   This time, we wanted to make our “browsable special” even more “special” and so, we organized a Tour in Tuscany, in search of … Treasures.   (From the Editorial) Treasures of Tuscany is a travel suggestion, an arbitrary itinerary, with no apparent logical connection. At least this is what it may seem, because we have achieved it not so much for specific places or areas, nor even by following history and/or art, which have so much to do when it […]

  For over a century, four generations at the service of Elegance and Style Made in Naples.   Since 1914, a small shop on the Chiaia Riviera in Naples contains the secrets of male elegance. It all started with the will of Don Eugenio Marinella who wanted to create in the Neapolitan city a place of reference for the creation of ties and shirts in English style, rigorously and carefully handmade.

The forgotten pleasures of elegance and the art of living – Interview with Douglas Mortimer.   In a fast-paced world, which is constantly changing before our eyes and where the reference values ​​are often ephemeral and superficial, there are still to our good fortune, characters like Douglas Mortimer who, with happy intuition, sympathy and communication skills, endeavor to keep alive the values ​​of beauty, elegance, kindness and art of living. “Classic” values ​​that are always valid and fundamental in human relationships.

  The Pleasure of the Beard told by the Experts.   The beard: well grown, in its many variations, or well-shaved, it has always defined the appearance of the male face. The different shapes emphasize those of the face, enhancing or attenuating some characteristics, and this often reflect the personality of those who wear them.

A cocktail bar traveling in the south of France to celebrate with style.   Mademoiselle Jule is an interesting initiative by an enterprising Italo-French couple, which transported to Europe a “concept” already successfully tested on the other side of the world, in Australia. A vintage style Caravan-Bar, available for weddings and events in the middle of Languedoc, in France. Practically, the first of its kind.

Five breeds of fine cats.   Five of the most precious and sought-after breeds for an unforgettable gift. In fact, cats are among the most loved and desired pets. Aristocrats, sophisticated, independent and affectionate, fill our lives with their presence. Impossibie ignore them indeed, they are always active protagonists of our daily life.

The Quest for Perfection.   Girard-Perregaux: a symbol of Swiss Haute Horlogerie for over two hundred years. In fact, it was created in Geneva in 1791 by the genius of Jean-François Bautte who, even in his twenties, created his first clocks in that year. His technical/artistic and entrepreneurial skills quickly led him to expand his fame and his business also abroad, even to be cited by important writers such as Pushkin and others.

  Elegance, Tradition, Performance.   A long history, almost 200 years, that of Longines. One of the best watch brands in the world. Class watches, design and mechanical perfection. A brand synonymous with precision such as to be adopted by numerous international sports federations and official timekeeper in world competitions.

Excellence in Wine and Cuisine.   During the recent “Unexpected Umbria – Discovery Tour” which we talked about extensively in this Article, we decided to dedicate a new article exclusively to a company that stands out for excellence in two of the key areas of iBESTmag and precisely in those of wine production and quality food. Tenuta Vitalonga of the Maravalle Family, near Ficulle, in fact combines a high quality wine production with an “Osteria” where the same wines accompany the creations of a very young and talented Chef, aimed at enhancing above all the products of  Umbria’s territory and traditions.

A Tour to discover hidden Treasures.   With this article we inaugurate a new section of iBESTmag, which will be dedicated to travel suggestions. Our suggestions, aimed at satisfying the needs and desires of the most demanding readers. We will therefore propose a cultured, refined tourism, focused on the natural and artistic aspects of the territories, as well as to eno-gastronomic ones, therefore in line with our mission: the search for quality. Quality and excellence that do not necessarily have to be surrounded by media clamor or internationally renowned for being such. Very often, indeed, they are small businesses designed […]

A Journey through the Distilleries of Islay and Skye.   When iBESTmag was not yet a web magazine, some of our collaborators made a Press Trip to Scotland and precisely, in the islands of Skye and Islay, where they produce some of the most popular and appreciated Single Malt Whisky brands . Because the concept we want to express in this magazine is linked to quality, choice and selection. In short, the pursuit of good drinking, be it tied to a wine, a distillate and why not, to a good craft beer.

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