Cats – Five Top Breeds For Christmas

Five breeds of fine cats.


Five of the most precious and sought-after breeds for an unforgettable gift. In fact, cats are among the most loved and desired pets. Aristocrats, sophisticated, independent and affectionate, fill our lives with their presence. Impossibie ignore them indeed, they are always active protagonists of our daily life.

Maine Coon

A cat (in first image too) with an imposing body, long-haired and with a thick tail, from which its name derives: “Coon” in fact has the meaning of “Raccoon”, because of similar tail. It is a North American race, whose origins are lost in myths and legends. Who describes them as descendants even from the times of the Vikings, who places these cats on the ships of the pioneers and who even think that descends from some Angora cats shipped overseas by Marie Antoinette to save them from … French Revolution!
As we said it’s really a big cat, the male can get to 11 kg and the female around 7, long and smooth hair, with majestic bearing and, despite the threatening appearance, good character: is company (though not being a cat to scramble too much) and is not aggressive with children or to other animals. He lives well at home but, if he has plenty of open space is to the best of himself. ABy the way, he is not afraid of water and cold. If well kept it is rather long-lived (13-15 years). Cost: between 700 and 1000 $.

Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cat


Russian Blue

Another breed of rather mysterious origin. Obviously it comes from Russia, perhaps from Arkhangelsk (hence the nickname of Archangel) and someone tells it is a race kept secret long because it was exclusively for the Tsars. The Blue is a medium-small (3-5 kg) cat with a beautiful gray/blue shorthair. The eyes are mainly of beautiful intense green and there are those who compare their “smile” to that of the Mona Lisa.It is classifiable among the “hypoallergenic” breeds of cats, as it emits a very small quantity of allergenic substances. For this and above all for his character is an excellent homely cat. In fact it is very intelligent, quiet, not intrusive and does not like excessive confusion. It easily becomes attached to humans and has no major problems with other animals. You have to be a bit ‘careful to its diet because it tends to get fat (especially if sterilized). The cost starts at 900 $.

Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cat


Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold was officially born as a breed in the 60s of the last century and has as main characteristic the ears folded forward that give it an unmistakable appearance, although in each litter there may be specimens with straight ears (called straight). It comes from some hybridizations between common cats (with randomly folded ears) and different “shorthair” varieties (British and American).
Compact and sturdy structure, medium size (up to 5-6 kg), has a beautiful smooth and short coat, resistant to cold that can be dark gray or different colors and tabby. Even the eyes are unmistakable, round and with intense Blue, Copper or Green color. Much appreciated in the United States, it is less widespread in Europe, although it is now a “social” phenomenon because its characteristic appearance naturally attracts attention. It has a sweet and peaceful character and prefers apartment life, where it spends most of its time even if it has a beautiful garden. It lives on average 10-15 years (it is advisable to buy it from reliable breeders that guarantees the typology and the absence of some genetic defects due to particular hybrids from which it originates) and costs around 500 $.

Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Fold Cat


British Shorthair

One of the most widespread breeds in Europe, comes from the cats that the Romans brought with them to England and until the nineteenth century lived prevalentemenet in the wild. Medium-large (6-8 kg) has a robust appearance, with a “chubby” face and big green, golden yellow, copper or even blue eyes. The hair is short and very thick, mostly blue or black, but there are also variations of other colors or stripes.
The shorthair is truly the ideal of the domestic cat, because it has a character much more accommodating than other cats, is well with adults, children and other animals and loves to stay at home, while not disdaining a bit ‘of physical activity when for example, play with children. Beware of feeding because it tends to get fat. Even this breed, if well kept, can live around 15 years and the average cost goes from 400 to 600 $.

British Shorthair Cat

British Shorthair Cat


Siamese (Thai)

This is also a very widespread and appreciated breed. The origins are ancient and comes from the current Thailand (once called Siam), while it started to spread in Europe in the late nineteenth century. There are two variants: the most traditional, widespread and known as Thai and another more modern (early 2001) called Siamese, with longer forms.
The Thai has an unmistakable appearance, given by its characteristic “pointed” coloring with dark hair areas (in the parts of the body where the blood circulation is colder: snout, paws, tail) alternating with the main color of the mantle (usually clear or cream). The eyes are predominantly deep blue. The structure is medium-small (4-5 kg) but robust, agile and snappy. The Siamese is in fact a very playful and active cat. The character can be variable and depends a lot on how it is bred. Often they are quiet and sociable, sometimes more reserved, grumpy and not lovers of strangers. Also in this case it must be avoided that it overweight, through an adequate diet. This cat is very long-lived and can even reach 18 years. The cost can vary from 400 to 800 $.

Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat

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