Cherry Bomb drink

iBESTmag - drink CHERRY BOMB della crew del Jerry Thomas Speakeasy di Roma

From The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy in Rome: Cherry Bomb, an easy drink to prepare at home. 


We are aware that in this sad and dramatic period for most of the world’s population, there are more important problems to face than that of preparing a good drink. However, given that most of us are forced to stay in our homes, in order to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic as much as possible, we thought of publishing a rather easy recipe for preparing a cocktail with the family and thus passing some carefree moment during long quarantine days. Of course, always drinking in moderation and … recommending that you STAY HOME and comply with the provisions of the Authorities.

We therefore turned, as always, to our expert Carlo Dutto, who recommended this “Cherry Bomb”, the work of the crew of the legendary The Jerry Thomas Speakesy of Rome, to be prepared with simple ingredients that are easily available online.


iBESTmag - crew del JERRY THOMAS SPEAKEASY di Roma photo by Alberto Blasetti




BARTENDER: the crew of The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy in Rome


iBESTmag - drink CHERRY BOMB della crew del Jerry Thomas Speakeasy di Roma_



4 cl Professor’s Bitters
15 cl Cherry Soda Three Cents

Garnish: lemon zest



A fresh and light drink, extremely easy to prepare and reproduce even at home. Fill a glass with ice to the rim, add 4 cl of Bitter Del Professore and 15 cl of Cherry Soda Three Cents and lemon and mix with a bar spoon. A very simple cocktail that perfectly embodies the concept of Italian Aperitif. It all started in The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy, the first Italian ‘secret bar’, this year in position 50 on the list of The World Best 50 Bars, born in Rome ten years ago with the idea of ​​bringing to light a mixing style now forgotten. In 2010 a group of bartenders decided to give life to this small club in the heart of the capital by making available to colleagues, enthusiasts and onlookers a place to experiment and share their particular experiences. The following years are made up of travel, research, study, cultural exchanges, seminars and so much determination that allows The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy to enter the “50 World Best Bar” ranking five times. In 2013, after a long and meticulous historical and technical research, the “Vermouth Del Professore” was born, the first of a long series of products designed in collaboration with the Quaglia Distilleries, including three very high quality gins. And last year also “Twist on classic – The great cocktails of the Jerry Thomas Project”, a volume published by Giunti, which sees the four protagonists of this story told: Roberto Artusio, Leonardo Leuci, Antonio Parlapiano and Alessandro Procoli. A book that boasts the preface of an exceptional loyal client, Jude Law – who often appeared at the venue during the filming of the two seasons of The Young Pope and The New Pope – and the preface by the cocktail historian David Wondrich.


iBESTmag - crew del JERRY THOMAS SPEAKEASY di Roma photo by Alberto Blasetti




The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy




We recommend that you always drink alcohol in moderation and above all, do not drive after doing it.


Texts © Carlo Dutto for iBESTmag, Images courtesy Carlo Dutto – Forbidden Reproduction


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