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The “Alba” of an excellent extra virgin olive oil.


Italy, it’s well known as the country of hidden treasures, secret places, small businesses that produce and create unexpected excellences. Behind all this there are the stories of passion, dreams, hopes, will, inventiveness and sacrifice of the people who give life to these excellences. And it is one of these stories that we want to tell you today.

Each tower that stands out immersed in the harsh Mediterranean scrub, has its history. We are in the heart of the southern Maremma, a few kilometers from the Tyrrhenian coast, in an area that has represented one of the main places of origin and development of the Etruscan civilization. Here, the treasure that has been revealed to us, has the color of gold and the scent of the fruits of the earth.

Colli della Regina - Extra virgin olive oil -Tuscania

In such a magical place, Giulia and Joseph, united by the passion for olive trees, gave life to this adventure, eager and proud to enhance the riches of the land of , in the province of Viterbo. She is an oil taster, to whom she combines a boundless love for these places, her places, rich in history and landscape charm. He boasts a past rich in experiences from olive growers and mechanics, united by the olive tree and the magic of an oil that can only be generated in these lands.

Colli della Regina - Extra virgin olive oil - Leccino Variety


Artumes, Etruscan deity


Giulia and Joseph gave a name and a face to their dream, they paid homage to the so-called “Ara della Regina” (i.e. The Queen’s Ara) the most imposing religious temple in Etruria where the famous “Winged Horses” were found and where the Etruscan populations venerated “Artumes”, the Artemis of the Greeks. The face of that Etruscan divinity, interpreted by the painter Guido Sileoni, thus becomes the distinctive image of the company.

Colli della Regina - Extra virgin olive oil

The olive groves grown by the couple are represented by about two thousand plants, mainly of varieties “Caninese”, “Frantoio” and “Leccino”, equally distributed between Tarquinia, Monte Romano, Tuscania and surrounding areas for an extension of about 12 hectares. The company then produces Alba, a , which we discovered during one of the many events in the food sector in which we participate, always looking for “goodies” like this for our readers. A quality, that of Alba, which stems from the characteristics of the land and the typical varieties of the area, such as the “Caninese”, as well as the careful care of each step of cultivation and production.

Colli della Regina - Extra virgin olive oil Caninese Variety

Colli della Regina - Extra virgin olive oil

A Fine Oil in two varieties


The “Alba” (In Italian it means “Sunrise”) Oil is distinguished by a very high content in polyphenols, powerful natural antioxidants, which in addition to the beneficial effects on health, guarantee a high shelf life of the initial characteristics of the product. It is therefore an oil of great value, fruity green, characterized by aroma and a taste that recalls the healthy and fresh fruit. A product of great nutritional and sensory value, not at all comparable with what is usually found on the market.

Colli della Regina - Alba Extra virgin olive oil

Colli della Regina - Alba Extra virgin olive oil

There are two varieties available: “Alba type Frantoio-Leccino-Canino” and “Alba monocultivar Canino”, 100% Caninese variety. Both types are distinguished by the sensory peculiarities given off by the cultivated varieties, the native “Caninese” in primis, daughter of these places and probably already cultivated by the Etruscans. Thanks also to the contribution guaranteed by the mineral-rich soils and the favorable climate, the oils express great personality. The richness of the essences enclosed in the olives, translates into a strong ability of the oil to exalt any dish, as well as … a simple slice of bread.


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