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For over a century, four generations at the service of Elegance and Style Made in Naples.


Since 1914, a small shop on the Chiaia Riviera in Naples contains the secrets of male elegance.
It all started with the will of Don Eugenio Marinella who wanted to create in the Neapolitan city a place of reference for the creation of ties and shirts in English style, rigorously and carefully handmade.

A happy marriage, the one between Neapolitan fantasy and British style, which was immediately successful among the most demanding customers, both local and international. Since then, the E. Marinella brand has been known throughout the world as a symbol of refined elegance, and its precious ties worn by those who do not renounce this fundamental accessory and strictly demand the best. From the many Presidents of the Italian Republic, the United States and France, to the Royals of England and Monaco to the “princes” of industry, finance and entertainment, there are very few of them who have never worn ties with this prestigious brand name.

E. Marinella Ties Naples - Detail

Even today, in a world where things change at whirling speed and fashions are often ephemeral, E. Marinella’s ties are a fixed point, which respects the values ​​of tradition and is still based on ancient artisan production techniques.

E. Marinella Ties Naples - The Owner Maurizio Marinella inside Chiaia's Shop


Ancient techniques of silk processing


The Chinese silks, which in this case means “real silk”, i.e. non-synthetic, are still worked in England with machines dating back to the Victorian era, and the printing process of the fabrics thus obtained is meticulously conducted through ancient techniques and manual processes that make each piece of fabric a unique and unrepeatable product. Everything takes place under the watchful eye of the current owner: Maurizio Marinella, who personally follows all the delicate processing phases and decides the design and colors of future ties.

E. Marinella Ties Naples - Detail

Today, while maintaining the original Neapolitan shop, the activity of Maurizio Marinella, flanked by his son Alessandro, has a global reach thanks to the opening of some single-brand stores in Rome, Milan, London and Tokyo, as well as selected retail outlets in New York, Paris, Geneva and Barcelona. In addition to ties, in the aforementioned stores E. Marinella offers the possibility of buying other accessories for both men (leather goods, watches, jewelery etc.) and for a growing female audience, with perfume lines, bags and foulards.

E. Marinella Ties Naples - The Owner Maurizio Marinella

E. Marinella Ties Naples - The Owner Maurizio Marinella at right and his son Alessandro


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