Excellence Rome – VIII Edition 2019

iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 - La Nuvola Convention Center


Top food and wine, for the VIII Edition of Excellence – Food Innovation at the Rome Convention Center – La Nuvola. 


A not to miss event, has been Excellence, which proposed a remarkable series of events, coocking shows, talks and tastings at the highest levels for three days (Nov. 9th to 11th), to a very numerous public.





We went there on the final day (Monday), when fortunately for us, the “great wave” of visitors had already passed and we were able to calmly taste numerous wines and also various EVO oils, cheeses and scold cuts productions. Just a random selection, of course, but enough to provide our readers with some interesting suggestions for their next choices.


iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019


So, let’s start by indicating the Salumi Grufà, from Monte San Biagio (LT). Really high quality (and organoleptic) products.


iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 - Salumi Grufà


Also noteworthy were the EX UA extra virgin olive oil by Agricola Giuliani – Castelnuovo della Daunia (FG), as well as that of Il Bagolaro – Nerola (Ri).


iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 - EX UA


iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 - Il Bagolaro


The many varieties of chocolate offered by Grezzo Raw Chocolate – Pasticceria Crudista  (with shops in Rome, Milan and Turin) proved to be excellent.


iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 - Grezzo Raw Chocolate


Carring on, about cheeses, we can suggest the tasty products of Az. Agricola D’Ascenzo di Rieti, as well as those distributed by Essentia di Trani (BA), which we will also review in the wine sector.


iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 - Agricola d'Ascenzo


We also remember two companies already well known by our readers, such as Riso Buono, included in our Special about  Top 5 Italian Rices and Il Poggio, whose food and wine production (Organic Wines, Cinta’s Cured Meats, EVO oil, Ready Sauces, Preserves and Aglione of Val di Chiana) we talk extensively about in the Treasures of Tuscany Special.


iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 - Riso Buono - Artemide


iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 - Il Poggio - Aglione della Val di Chiana


iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 - Il Poggio - Salumi di Suino di Cinta


Now we come to our usual wine tasting sessions, which this time we have concentrated on a few, but significant companies.






iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 - Valle dell'Usignolo iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 - Casale Valle Chiesa iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 - L'Avventura
Click to Enlarge
iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 - Cincinnato iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 - Essentia


Heredio – Frascati Superiore DOCG – 70% Malvasia del Lazio, 15% Greco, 15% Bombino ♦♦♦ ½
Ribello – Bellone Bianco IGP Lazio ♦♦♦ ½
Cannellino – Cannellino di Frascati DOCG – 80% Malvasia del Lazio, 10% Greco, 10% Bombino ♦♦♦♦


La Cesa – Lazio IGT Bio – Bellone 100% ♦♦♦ ½
Sulmo – Lazio IGT Bio – 70% Merlot, 30% Montepulciano ♦♦♦♦ 
* We also suggest the EVO oil and preserves.


L’AVVENTURA – Loc. Civitella, Piglio (FR)
Colline Laziali – Bianco IGT Lazio ♦♦♦
Saxa – Passerina del Frusinate IGT ♦♦♦

Below, five different expressions of  Cesanese del Piglio
Campanino – DOCG ♦♦♦♦
Arringo – DOCG Superiore ♦♦♦ ½
Amor – DOCG Superiore ♦♦♦ ½
Camere Pinte – DOCG Riserva ♦♦♦♦
Picchiatello – DOCG Superiore ♦♦♦♦


Raverosse – Cori DOC – 50% Nero buono di Cori – 30% Montepulciano – 20% Cesanese ♦♦♦ ½
Arcatura – Cesanese IGT Lazio ♦♦♦
Ercole – Nero Buono IGT Lazio ♦♦♦
Brut di Bellone – Metodo Classico ♦♦♦♦
* We also suggest the EVO oil.


ESSENTIA – Trani (Ba)
Vizietto – Brut IGP – 100% Verdeca ♦♦♦ ½
Seule – Rosato Primitivo IGP ♦♦♦ ½
Saure – Primitivo/Aleatico IGP 2018 – 50% Primitivo – 50% Aleatico ♦♦♦ ½
Baldorie – Primitivo DOP 2016 – 100% Verdeca ♦♦♦ ½
Ammidia – Primitivo DOP 2016 – 100% Primitivo ♦♦♦ ½
Piodde – Primitivo Tarantino IGP 2018 – 100% Primitivo ♦♦♦ ½
Meninne – Negroamaro IGP – 100% Negroamaro ♦♦♦ ½
Braude – Nero di troia IGP – 100% Uva di Troia ♦♦♦ ½



♦♦♦ Good
♦♦♦ ½ Very Good
♦♦♦♦ Great
♦♦♦♦ ½ Almost Perfect
♦♦♦♦♦ Exceptional


Note: The number of tastings from the various producers is exclusively linked to the case and the variations of the moment. For this reason in some cases we taste different wines from a producer and maybe, only one from others. We cannot taste them all, of course, and therefore also the choice of which producers to test is due exclusively to chance or to our desire to evaluate specific vines or terroirs.


iBESTmag - Excellence Rome VIII Edition 2019 - Maserati



Icona Italiano 32 Extended






We recommend that you always drink alcohol in moderation and above all, do not drive after doing it.


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