Barolo, Barbaresco, Roero & Northern Nebbiolos. Savoy Hotel – Rome


As part of the many events organized by GO WINE, we at iBESTmag have had the opportunity to participate in the recent event in Rome (Hotel Savoy) focused on Barolo, Barbaresco, Roero & Northern Nebbiolos.

For the occasion, important producers of these exceptional wines have gathered together. In fact, Nebbiolo is one of the main vines of Italian winemaking (among other things, we admit we have a weak towards it) and on the occasion, the visitors were able to taste it in its most varied and refined declinations. Certainly, there were also some white and rosé wines of the same production areas, also of notable workmanship, but in much smaller quantities compared to the great red ones.

As always, when there are too many wines to taste, it becomes difficult to test many even if, this time we tried to evaluate as much as possible. How can you resist so much variety, while remaining practically concentrated on the same vine? And so (by way of example) we would like to report the products of Batasiolo, Monchiero, Sarotto and Bric Cenciurio.

And it is on occasion like these that, even in the amplitude of the proposal, one may have the opportunity to compare the small or large differences that are given to the wine by a particular exposure of the vines, the differences between the different Terroirs, the subtleties of the different techniques of vinification. Not talking about of the different vintages of the same Cru. A real “gym” for aspiring connoisseurs and a great pleasure for the most expert fans.

Besides the Great Reds, some companies have also presented other excellent white and rosé wines. Among these, the Beni of Batasiolo, which we included in our Speciale Rosè Italiani: a browsable online made with the collaboration of Gabriele Del Carlo (Best Italian Sommelier 2017) who made the tasting sheets. We invite you to read it and you can also download the PDF for free.



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