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iBESTmag - Go Wine - Buono non lo conoscevo

With “Good … I didn’t know it!” after the summer break, the Go Wine appointments start again at the Savoy Hotel in Rome.


This time the event ( Buono… non lo conoscevo! ) focuses on the richness of the Italian vineyard, made up of many realities linked by history and culture to different territories.

The climate still lenient has allowed also this time to host the event on the terrace of the Hotel Savoy and the visitors, beyond to taste the excellent wines presented by about thirty companies, have been able to enjoy the 360 ​​° view on the roofs of Rome.


iBESTmag - Go Wine - Buono non lo conoscevo - Rome's View from Savoy Hotel Rooftop


As always, the selection made by Go Wine for the occasion was remarkable, and well distributed throughout the national territory. Particular attention was therefore devoted to the territorial identification and the native vines of the Italian wine tradition.


iBESTmag - Go Wine - Buono non lo conoscevo - Hotel Savoy Rome


By way of example (also because we are linked by descent to that territory), we can talk about some wines offered by “I Pastini“, from Locorotondo in Valle d’Itria. In this land of great, but little known tradition of viticulture, from the sixties there was an almost complete abandonment of crops. The few companies that resisted certainly did not shine for quality and commercial diffusion and therefore, they were slowly losing both the identity and the tradition. The “cultural” awakening of the last few years has fortunately reversed this trend and thanks to this “wind of novelty” it is clear how I Pastini can offer quality wines based 100% on local vines, less known to most, but certainly not less good than others more widespread and noble. The Bianco di Alessano (Cupa), the Minutolo (Rampone) or the Verdeca (Faraone) are precisely three varieties, with their respective wines, which have been rediscovered and enhanced by the current trend.


iBESTmag - Go Wine - Buono non lo conoscevo - Savoy Roma - Cantine Sant'Angelo


Other examples  at the Savoy can be those of the grapes present in the wines of Marisa Cuomo, such as Fenile, Ginestra and Ripola that make up the White Fiorduva, or the Piedirosso that (together with the now well known Aglianico) gives life to the Ravello and Furore reds.


iBESTmag - Go Wine - Buono non lo conoscevo - Savoy Rome - Varvaglione


We should also mention the recent enhancement of the Tintilia of Molise, of which Claudio Cipressi is one of the greatest expressions.


iBESTmag - Go Wine - Buono non lo conoscevo - Hotel Savoy Roma


iBESTmag - Go Wine - Buono non lo conoscevo - Savoy Roma - Poggio Lella


Naturally, there were not only rare or poorly cultivated vines or in any case, of limited diffusion, but in any case always the result of the Italian territorial tradition. Also here, by way of example, we mention the wines of Conati (Veneto), Varvaglione (Puglia), Benforte (Marche) and Colle Uncinano (Umbria) … but just because we could not taste them all! We hope however that the images and the video will let you know as many as possible!


iBESTmag - Go Wine - Buono non lo conoscevo - Savoy Roma - Conti Zecca / I Pastini


iBESTmag - Go Wine - Buono non lo conoscevo - Savoy Roma - Diego Morra


iBESTmag - Go Wine - Buono non lo conoscevo - Savoy Roma





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Go Wine




We recommend that you always drink alcohol responsibly and above all, do not drive after doing it.


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