Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel

iBESTmag - The exterior of InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland


Among the best hotels in Shanghai, the Intercontinental Wonderland is also the only one buit in an abandoned quarry.


Built certainly as one of the most spectacular and futuristic, with a remarkable architectural and engineering expertise, this hotel is located in the Songjiang District, near the Tianma Mountain, about thirty kilometers from the Hongquiao airport/hub. A location that allows easy access to the city, some remarkable natural attractions such as the Sheshan National Forest Park, or the Chenshan Botanical Garden, and attraction areas such as Shanghai Happy Valley, Yuehu Sculpture Park and Guangfulin Park.


iBESTmag - The exterior of InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland


But the biggest attraction available to travelers staying at this hotel is … the hotel itself, due to its location and its construction: only two floors above ground level and then, 88 meters down to overhanging in the old quarry, in a natural – technological scenario that cannot leave us insensitive to the eye.


Light Shows


In all, 17 floors, with a total of 336 rooms and suites, each with its own individual style and all, with spectacular views of the quarry. Thus you can watch the light shows that every night (and every night different) cheer the gaze of visitors, without even having to access the common areas.


iBESTmag - The exterior of InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland


Like all hotels of this level, the service and facilities are adequate for the intended task. There are very large spaces for meetings, conferences, events and parties. There is no shortage of indoor pools, spa, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy all kinds of foods from different cuisines.


iBESTmag - InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland - Guest Room


iBESTmag - InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland - The Quarry Bar


For those who want to engage in more electrifying activities, there are routes for climbing, kayaking and a skywalk on the glass path.


iBESTmag - InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland - Dragon Sculpture at hotel entrance iBESTmag - InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland - The Waterfall iBESTmag - InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland - Construction
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iBESTmag - InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland - The Glass Path iBESTmag - InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland - The Pine Tree iBESTmag - InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland - The Original Path


Is it enough? Well, we think so … Have a good trip!



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Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel


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