Italian Excellences: the EVO Oil of Luca Varini

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In Tuscany, on the hills of Montecatini, Luca Varini is a young entrepreneur who produces excellent EVO oil. 



Just in such a delicate moment, as the one that is going throughout the world, it is even more important to keep the attention alive on those entrepreneurial realities that, since their inception, have focused on sustainable projects, in harmony with nature and aimed at high quality productions. The very close link with the territory, especially in the internal areas, is in fact a fundamental element for the correct future development of our country.


iBESTmag - EVO Oil by Luca Varini - Monovarietale Gualtiero 1° - Borgo a Buggiano


The company of Luca Varini, a young entrepreneur in love with his land of Tuscany, is one of these realities, which we can describe in his philosophical intent using his own words:


“My farm has the ambitious mission of producing quality in the sector, without any kind of compromise. I am absolutely convinced that any agricultural producer should, in his small way, seek the best absolute quality in his own productions, even at the expense of the quantitative aspect. This is to guarantee himself, his environment, the consumer and future generations. The “peasants” should not be speculators, but silent custodians of the agricultural heritage for future generations; in fact, in part, we can consider ourselves as we should not forget the artistic managers of the immense beauty of Italian landscapes “.



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EVO oil


With these assumptions, Luca started managing a small olive grove located in Montecatini Alto, with about 230 plants of the “Leccio” and “Frantoio” variety. In 2015 the first Oil was born: the Blend “Ti Garba!“.

Subsequently, the company increased its production potential, reaching a total of 3100 plants, divided into various plots still in the Pistoia area, between Montecatini and Pescia and the products also increased: “Gualtiero 1°“, a Frantoio’s Monovarietal that brings the name of Luca’s father and “Il Biondo“, a raw unfiltered EVO.


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With these products the Luca Varini farm has started to make itself known both in Italy and abroad (70% of its production is in fact sold in Sweden and Germany) and to obtain various awards, including the IGP mark, the “Slow Food Conduct” for the past three years and the very recent inclusion in the 2020 edition of the Slow Food Guide.

The current goal is to obtain organic certification on all production, as agricultural practices that pay particular attention to environmental sustainability are already rigorously followed.

Even in the case of packaging, environmental sensitivity is at the top: in fact, the same labels are made of recycled and washable paper, which is difficult to find in the extra virgin bottles on the market.


iBESTmag - EVO Oil by Luca Varini - Monovarietale Gualtiero 1°






Alongside the oil production, Luca Varini also manages a farmhouse near Pescia, in the process of being classified as a farmhouse (an event unfortunately delayed by the current situation), where it transmits to the guests the value of Italian excellence and especially extras virgins, organizing tasting courses and company visits to the olive groves, with a consequent culinary combination according to the different hints of the various extra virgin oils that are to be tasted.

In conclusion, an example to follow for entrepreneurship (especially youth) in the Italian agro-food sector. An example that does not look for easy shortcuts, but focuses entirely on quality and environmental compatibility. As far as we are concerned, we can only agree with this approach and support this type of company.


iBESTmag - EVO oil by Luca Varini - Blend Ti Garba! Montecatini Alto



Note: this is an editorial article that is part of a campaign promoted by this Magazine in support of Italian agro-food excellence during the CoVid-19 emergency and is published on iBESTmag only after evaluating the company’s production.

Companies interested in joining can contact us by email at the following address:




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