Mademoiselle Jule: Exclusive Vintage Caravan-Bar In Languedoc

Madmoiselle Jule Cocktail Caravan Bar in Languedoc

A cocktail bar traveling in the south of France to celebrate with style.


is an interesting initiative by an enterprising Italo-French couple, which transported to Europe a “concept” already successfully tested on the other side of the world, in Australia. A vintage style Caravan-Bar, available for weddings and events in the middle of Languedoc, in France. Practically, the first of its kind.
M.lle Jule was born from the will of Domenico and Nathalie (in art Macaron & Vespa), who wanted to propose in Europe an initiative that is well suited to different occasions for meeting and partying. After a careful and painstaking research, they found a perfect caravan in Bretagne for the purpose and style they had in mind: an authentic and “sexy” Chollet from 1968 (probably the only one still marching across the continent) and have finely restored and adapted to its new functions, entrusting it to the expert hands of a specialist in the field, Sophie Chemain, of “Une Petite Pièce en Plus”.


Madmoiselle Jule Cocktail Caravan Bar in Languedoc


The concept, a lifestyle.


In February of this year, finally, M.lle Jule was officially presented and started her new life. With an evident chic and bohemian trend, both in furnishing and in the service approach. M.lle Jule is a cocktail bar – a “baravane” – rented for exclusive events. A classy wine bar, with a decidedly vintage feel, that reaches all the locations where there is a need for partying and adventure. A real parquet made of precious materials, an elegant “banquette”, a custom made briar worktop, a balance of blacks, emerald green, references in gold and inserts in art deco, make it a product with an explosive mélange of italian and french taste, ready for any bohemian adventure, where the limit is only imposed by fantasy.



Madmoiselle Jule Cocktail Caravan Bar in Languedoc


Of course, once arrived at the event, M.lle Jule has to do her “job” and Macaron & Vespa have thought about this: with a rich “carte” of fine wines, classic timeless cocktails together with other mixologies creations based on the inebriating scents and colors of Provence.

Some examples?

C & C Spenn

Lavanda fraîche – Tequila, Triple sec, lavender syrup, the juice of 1/2 lemon green and ice. The name is a dedication to the previous owners of M.lle Jule

Sur the banquette

Romantic! – Prosecco, vodka, rose liqueur, almond milk syrup, liches juice and ice.

Monsieur Chollet

Sexy attitude – Rose syrup, pousse rapière, lemonade and ice. Here,  the name recalls the creator of the Caravan


Madmoiselle Jule Cocktail Bar Caravan - C&C Spenn Cocktail


Madmoiselle Jule Cocktail Bar Caravan - Sur le Banquette


Madmoiselle Jule Cocktail Caravan Bar in Languedoc


Madmoiselle Jule Cocktail Caravan Bar in Languedoc


Madmoiselle Jule Cocktail Caravan Bar in Languedoc


Madmoiselle Jule Cocktail Caravan Bar in Languedoc


Update: after this article has been published M.lle Jule became an advertizer! Thanks for the support!



Madmoiselle Jule


Texts © iBESTmag – Images courtesy of Madmoiselle Jule – Reproduction Forbidden


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