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iBESTmag - Gin Ramsbury - Three Movie Cocktail


Three trendy drinks’ recipes for our movie cocktail series. Gin Ramsbury is the protagonist of this episode. 


Martini and Negroni drinks are probably the best known cocktails (even by those who are totally abstainers) in the world. Never as in these two cases has it been the world of cinema that has made them known, at least in name, to the general public. The first then, how many times has it been ordered, prepared and … consumed cinematically by James Bond / Agent 007, in the now very long series of films dedicated to the hero created by the pen of Jan Fleming?
But perhaps not everyone knows that the basic component of Martini cocktail and Negroni is Gin. And in this case we will talk about Ramsbury.

As always, Carlo Dutto has selected for us the best of the production fruit of the imagination of some of the most prominent Italian mixologists.
Of course, we always recommend  to drink alcohol responsibly!



Ramsbury Gin



iBESTmag - Ramsbury Distillery - View from above


For a perfect Martini or Negroni here is Ramsbury Gin, English Single Estate Gin whose main ingredients are grown in England, in the Ramsbury estates that dominate the Wiltshire hills, between London and Cardiff. The clear and unspoiled Kennet River gives the water that is used in the distillery and for the breeding of farm animals. To the process that creates pure alcohol from the precious Horatio wheat variety, there are other production phases with 9 botanical components: juniper, quince, coriander, angelica, iris root (iris), licorice, lemon, orange and cinnamon. These are distilled together with traditional copper gin still. At the tasting of this gin, distributed in Italy by Rinaldi 1957, the juniper delicately infuses itself with the herbaceous and fruity scents of quince for a balanced and complex aroma. The company also produces a superlative vodka.


iBESTmag - Ramsbury Gin



(inspired by Finn Taylor’s ‘The Darwin Awards’, 2006)

BARMAN: Antonio Masi, head of the Tatabui bistrot and cocktail bar in Turin


iBESTmag - drink BURROWS di Antonio Masi


5 cl Ramsbury Gin
3 cl Red Vermouth OSCAR. 697
1.5 cl Formidable Bitter
1 spoon herb tamarind extract

Glass: low rock

Prepare the cocktail directly in the glass: pour all the ingredients and mix until the tamarind extract is dissolved. Fill with ice to fill and turn everything with a “spoon”, careful not to hurt you …


The Darwin Awards is an original indie comedy presented at the Sundance Film Festival which reports as an Italian subtitle ‘Accidental suicides for poorly evolved minds’ and inspired a drink in turn inspired by the name of the protagonist, played by Joseph Fiennes. Michael Burrows is a control addicted criminologist, haemophobic and obsessed with the Darwin Awards, a sarcastic prize that is attributed to the dead person every year in the most stupid and bizarre way. A difficult customer to satisfy, also because, perhaps, even a teetotaler. But in a world where there is a person who attacks a rocket to his car, why not try to make a teetotall drink? And then the beautiful Siri – Wynona Ryder – impatient towards some of his behaviors, will be an excellent accomplice shoulder and will make the job simpler … Bartender Antonio Masi imagined this unlikely couple at the bar counter. The protagonist of the drink is the Ramsbury Gin, which represents Burrows, English as Fiennes, while the two Italians Vermouth Rosso OSCAR.697 and Amaro Formidabile outline the character of Siri, with the tamarind carving out the unusual ingredient, representing the ‘real’ nonsense’ that happen in the movie.


iBESTmag - Antonio Masi capo bar del Tatabui bistrot e cocktail bar di Torino



(inspired by James Mangold’s ‘Broken Girls’ movie, 1999)

BARTENDER: Ilaria Bello, bar manager of the Talea of ​​Torvaianica (Rome)


iBESTmag - drink TU LA CONOSCI DOROTHY di Ilaria Bello bar manager del Talea di Torvaianica


4.5 cl Ramsbury Gin
1.5 cl Ramsbury Vodka infused with ukrop
1 spoon of Amaro Venti

Garnish: sprig of Ukrop

Pour ice into a mixing glass and turn with a spoon to cool, then remove, with the help of a strainer, the water formed and pour all the ingredients into the mixing glass. Turn again to cool the drink and pour into an iced cup. Decorate with a sprig of ukrop, a herb of Russian origin used in cooking, similar to dill.

A drink inspired by the movie ‘Interrupted Girls’, which tells the story of Susanna – played by Wynona Ryder – apparently normal who, following a suicide attempt, is diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder and imposed hospitalization in a psychiatric facility. Susanna represents a young woman in search of herself and her place in the world, rebellious towards conventions and, at the same time, deeply melancholic and inclined to self-destruction. Personality that is very reminiscent of that of Dorothy Parker, cynical and melancholic successful writer, known for her dedication to alcohol and Martini cocktail. And it is precisely a twist on the Martini cocktail that Ilaria Bello, bar manager of the Talea in Torvaianica, on the Roman coast, wanted to dedicate to the protagonist of the film and to the controversial Dorothy, with this eccentric poem mentioned by the character of Angelina Jolie, another magnificent interpreter of the film: “The razor hurts, the river is too low, the acid is bestial, the drug from collapse, the rope is broken, the gun is prohibited, the gas stinks, then live life”. A drink that combines the highest quality ingredients, gin and vodka single estate by the Englishman Ramsbury, whose over 19,000 hectares hold dominate the lush hills of Wiltshire, between London and Cardiff, with the clear Kennet River to donate water used in the distillery. And Amaro Venti, the only bitter made with only botanicals collected in Italy: twenty ingredients, one for each region, processed and matured in Piedmont by the Rivolta family.
iBESTmag - Ilaria Bello bar manager del Talea di Torvaianica Photo by Alberto Blasetti e Andrea Di Lorenzo


(inspired by Marco D’Amore’s ‘The Immortal’, 2019)

BARTENDER: Stefano Santucci, head barman of the Hotel Hassler in Rome


iBESTmag - drink L'IMMORTALE di Stefano Santucci head barman dell'Hotel Hassler di Roma



2 cl Ramsbury Gin
2 cl Campari
2 cl Carpano Antica Formula
2 cl Pomegranate juice
2 drops of homemade rosemary syrup

Glass: Old Fashioned
Garnish: sprig of rosemary, pomegranate grains, grated long Bengal black pepper

Preparation directly with ice in the rocks in an old fashioned low glass, with the addition of a spicy decoration of black Bengal pepper and, to balance, the spicy aroma of rosemary and the acidic aroma of pomegranate.


The cocktail was created by Stefano Santucci to celebrate his first 13 years as Head Barman at the Hotel Hassler in Rome last year. The inspiration is the classic Negroni which celebrated its 100th anniversary last year, one of the most popular Italian drinks in the world. So, to combine the two anniversaries, Santucci created this cocktail, which is on the menu among the special drinks on the Hassler Bar menu. A delicious and elegant cocktail bar at the Hassler hotel in Rome, wrapped in the warm colors of the leather and dark wood, takes you back to the glamor of the 1940s and recalls a place where you could accidentally meet a Humphrey Bogart or Audrey Hepburn sipping a cocktail. But also the actor Marco D’Amore and Quentin Tarantino, who really had, more recently, a meeting at the counter of this bar on the occasion of Tarantino’s last visit to Rome. From here comes the inspiration to create a timeless, “immortal” twist of the Negroni cocktail, just like the figure of Ciro Di Marzio, a character in the Gomorra series played by Marco D’Amore. The English Ramsbury Gin with floral tones with a refreshing finish and spicy tone joins the Campari bitter and the sweetness of the vermouth.


iBESTmag - Stefano Santucci head barman Hotel Hassler Roma



Ramsbury Distillery




We recommend that you always drink alcohol in moderation and above all, do not drive after doing it.


Texts © Carlo Dutto for iBESTmag, Images courtesy Carlo Dutto – Forbidden Reproduction

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