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The Romeo  is definitely not a hotel like any other. First of all, because it overlooks the Gulf of Naples and therefore, on one of the most beautiful views in the world. Secondly, for the philosophy that guided its conception and its realization.

The Romeo in fact, was born in 2008 in a particular area of ​​Naples (near the port) as part of its restructuring and re-proposal as a usable environment of the Neapolitan urban fabric. Not secondary in this regard, the choice of using the historic Ex Palazzo Lauro, to emphasize the strong bond with the sea, the traditions of the past and the surrounding environment.

How to achieve all this in an innovative way and without falling into easy stereotypes? Simply entrusting the design to the prestigious Kenzo Tange & Associates studio. Thus a Nippo-Neapolitan “connection” was born, made of architectural choices that project the hotel into the surrounding gulf, as if it were one of the large cruise ships often visible from its very large windows. Nothing is left to chance and every detail, from the numerous works of art present, to the objects of furniture, to the shapes and colors and even the naming of the different rooms, always have a precise evocative meaning. The sea, the waves, the landscape and the works of art, now suggested, now evoked, now concretely present, have the task of remembering at any moment the visitor the place where he is at that moment: Naples.

A Naples that treasures its centuries-old history and which, at the same time, projects itself towards the future with a formal rigor of Japanese imprint, but with that fantasy, creativity, culture and depth of thought that have always been the sign badge of this wonderful city.

Hotel Romeo - Naples

The Romeo Hotel is equipped with 82 rooms and suites, all of very high standard and some with private spa or Japanese garden. Of course, many of them enjoy breathtaking views. The Hotel is flanked by a SPA (Dogana del Sale), also obtained from a pre-existing construction: the sixteenth century Palazzo della Dogana.
The offer in the restoration sector is particularly varied and of high level. In addition to the Bistrot 9850 and the Beluga Lounge Bar & Terrace, on the tenth floor of the Hotel there is the Michelin Starred restaurant “Il Comandante”, led to this success in 2012 by Chef Salvatore Bianco. A Gourmet dinner, with a similar view, we think it’s worth itself the choice of staying in this hotel.



Hotel Romeo - NaplesHotel Romeo - NaplesHotel Romeo - NaplesHotel Romeo - NaplesHotel Romeo - NaplesHotel Romeo - NaplesHotel Romeo - Naples (SPA Dogana del Sale)Hotel Romeo - NaplesHotel Romeo - NaplesHotel Romeo - Naples

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