Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa – Interlaken: What Else?

Jungfrau (the Virgin): only the name is evocative of untouched alpine landscapes and a world, that of the Belle Époque, when hiking (and elite) tourism began on the majestic peaks of the Alps. Places made famous by crowned heads, bourgeois and artists of the time who stayed in these places, or made it the theater of their writings (e.g. famous the Adventure of Tartarino of Tarascon, the semi serious hero born from the pen of Alphonse Daudet).

Interlaken, a charming Swiss town between the Thun and Brienz lakes, has been since then the starting point for hikes and ascents throughout the entire Bernese Oberland, gradually becoming more accessible to everyone thanks to the construction of daring mountain railways, such as the highest in Europe, which takes its visitors up to the Jungfraujoch at 3471 meters high.
And it is from 1865 that at Interlaken, thanks to the intuition of the young Eduard Ruchti (who bought the Pensione Victoria, later joined to the more recent and adjacent Hotel Jungfrau) begins the history of the Victoria-Jungfrau hotel. A long history of hospitality and reception increasingly refined and exclusive, where tradition has always been combined with evolution and modernization.
From the golden age of the late nineteenth century, passing through difficult times during the world wars, up to the current compliance with the most modern requests of the most demanding customers, the Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau has always remained a reference point for a stay of class and equipped with the highest standards of comfort.
Exclusive restaurants, meeting and banquets rooms, luxurious suites, spa and wellness center welcome visitors in beautiful and refined environments, where they can fully enjoy their holidays. Even just the aesthetic satisfaction at the sight of this perfect mix of tradition and innovation, is worth the price of a stay.

Actually, as a famous advertisement reads … “What Else” can you ask for?

Jungfraubahn Poster
Jungfraubahn Poster – © Jungfraubahn

Grand Hotel Victoria JungfrauGrand Hotel Victoria JungfrauGrand Hotel Victoria JungfrauGrand Hotel Victoria JungfrauGrand Hotel Victoria JungfrauGrand Hotel Victoria JungfrauGrand Hotel Victoria JungfrauGrand Hotel Victoria JungfrauGrand Hotel Victoria JungfrauJungfraubahn - Jungfrau Train

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