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Perfection in a wine glass: Zalto Denk’Art series. 


What would an excellent wine be without an adequate glass that allows us to appreciate the subtler nuances of its bouquet? Without a doubt something would be missing and the gustatory potential of that wine would be, to a greater or lesser extent, restricted and sometimes almost mortified by the lack of use of an adequate glass.

Of course, as well as for wines, there are also excellent glass producers  and Zalto is among these a brand that has now become a cult, internationally recognized as one  representative of perfection.

And you can see it immediately: taking one of its splendid glasses in your hand even makes you awe. They are in fact so thin and light, even if big, that one gets to be afraid of pouring wine inside. But, rest assured, their work does it very well and allows enthusiasts and experts to taste it at its best.

The company, based in Gmünd, in Austria produces its glasses (and other objects dedicated to wine, such as Decanters and Carafes) strictly by hand, according to the classic techniques of working with artistic crystal.

A single line of glasses, with different models, each dedicated to specific types of wine, even if the company itself invites you to personally experiment with different combinations, not believing in an absolute dogma, which obliges you to taste the “X” wine exclusively with “X” type glasses.

Of course, the study of shapes and sizes is aimed at enhancing the specific characteristics of the different vines, but this does not mean that they cannot satisfy the different tastes even with non “canonical” combinations.

The most significant models are Burgundy, Bordeaux, White Wine and Universal,  flanked by a very particular element: the Gravitas Omega which, taking up the shape of Burgundy, replaces the base plate with a sphere at the base of the stem .

Our advice is to not miss them: once you try them, the world of wine will never be the same for you!



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Zalto Denk’Art




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