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It is in order to always offer the best services to companies and readers, that iBESTmag ®  adheres with pleasure to the partnership with GluGlu®Wine. As usual, we choose the best.

A collaboration where the respective skills will lead to ever new and more complete development opportunities for those who will want to turn to both. An example is already visible in the video at the end of this article, which we made for an upcoming development format devised by GluGlu®Wine.
But this…. It’s only the beginning!

Logo GluGlu Wine App(1)What is GluGlu®Wine?
We report directly on what is written on the website:

Relying on technology for choosing a wine to drink is becoming a “must”. Thanks to technology it is in fact possible even for the less expert to choose the perfect wine for every occasion without making a bad impression or wasting money.
Glu Glu Wine was born with the purpose of gathering all wine lovers in a single, fully mobile Social App.
Not only that, some of their passion has done a job, from sommeliers to wine producers, through wine bars, wine bars, restaurants or hotels or even for those who simply organize events and tastings, just all these people they will find in Glu Glu Wine the perfect tool to better manage and organize their work.
In fact, we want to connect people who love and work with wine (sommeliers, winemakers, restaurants and consumers) .Glu Glu Wine is one of a kind, thanks to the social function you can make new friends, post on the bulletin board and interact with the other users. Another feature of our app is that related to the tasting part. In fact, when you want to participate in the tastings scheduled, in the event you can see, in the “drinks” section, the wines that will be tasted. When you will be able to taste them you can fill in your very detailed wine card and express your judgment (just like a real sommelier !!) as well as buy them directly online. We want to make sure that the tastings organized through the use of our app are unique, fun and at the same time interactive and engaging.
Thanks to the social function, during events and tastings, it is possible to make new friends to keep in mind for upcoming events. So that sommeliers, organizers and locations can increase their contacts.
If instead you are a wine producer you can use the app and our logistics to expand your market in Italy and abroad, you can sell by organizing wine tastings or through our e-commerce. Thanks to reviews and preferences it is possible to profile our users a lot and understand the type of wine they want to buy. Glu Wine is connected to all social networks, this means that with just one application (facebook, linkdln or twitter) you can subscribe, you can also simply use your email, as well as invite all your contacts to your events.
Download the App (available on the App Store and for Android) and you can view all the events available in your area with details (price, start and duration), you do not need to plan well in advance: you can also book events that will take place in the next hours or in the next few days.
Create your event or your tasting, looking for sommelier and location, inviting your friends or looking for people who share your tastes. Glu Glu Wine locates your position and shows you the best route to reach the event. Browse and consult the events (tastings, festivals, fairs). Book and pay for the ticket.
Organize the tasting of your favorite wine with friends or with other people who share your tastes, find the best sommelier and choose the best location.
Memorize the wines you like and the relative tasting card. Take part in the events and fill out the wine tasting card just like a real sommelier !!
In your profile you will find all the tastings you have subscribed to and all those you attended.
Reservations take place in real time. Buy the wine tasted!
In short, thanks to Glu Glu Wine, “wine has a different flavor”.


A Video made by iBESTmag® (with previous logo/brand)) for GluGlu®Wine ‘s “The Cellar’s Interviews”


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