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Drinking well is ‘futuristic’, thanks to Bevande Futuriste. Three futurist drinks created for your cocktails with Cortese tonics. 


Bevande Futuriste is born in 2014 in Treviso, in the Veneto Italian region, after two years of research and development on the study of consumption outside the home on today’s modern and futuristic woman. Three partners: Alessandro Angelon, Elena Ceschelli and Alberto Zamuner, linked by friendship and love for beauty in everything, with a strong experience in food and beverage.

There are four product lines: DiFrutta Bio, the beautiful, good and even organic fruit juice; Cortese, a line of premium sodas for the professional bartender; ama_tè, bio ice teas made from a real infusion of green tea leaves; Original bio 1959, the sparkling drinks of the Italian tradition.

The mission is written in the Futurist Manifesto Praise to Beauty: the values of beauty for a better quality of life through an assortment of natural and organic drinks, good, healthy, beautiful, absolutely low in sugar. Fruit, carefully selected and harvested at the origin, is the starting point, preferring also organic, Italian products and products of controlled and certified origin. Products that do not follow trends, but offer beauty and it is from here that the name of Futurists was born, driven by an ardent desire to change the static nature of the Ho.Re.Ca. through a group of people who spread the Futurist verb every day.

In recent years, Futurist Beverages have supported the bartender’s work in offering unique and distinctive cocktails using Made in Italy. For the Cortese premium soda line, 5 types of tonic waters were therefore created, from light sugar-free to organic, or pepper and chilli, all to be combined with different gins to create excellent combinations in gin and tonics. Cortese is elegance in simplicity. As in the kitchen, high quality raw materials are also important in a cocktail.

During the lockdown, the company decided to create some video recipes involving the best Italian bartenders, calling the #barmaninpantofole column. We present three signature drinks that best enhance three Futurist Beverage products and their organoleptic characteristics. Cheers!

Thanks to our friend Carlo Dutto who provided the recipes published in this article, we take this opportunity to wish our readers a Happy New Year!





The Recipes



BARTENDER: Leandro Serra, bar manager of The Duke Cocktail Lounge Bar in La Maddalena (Sassari)



7 cl Scortese Ginger Beer Bio

4 cl N.3 London Dry Gin

2 cl Saint Germain liqueur

2 cl lime juice

1 cl cucumber syrup

Glass: tumbler

Garnish: cucumber, raspberry and mint


Pour all the ingredients into a shaker, shake vigorously with ice and serve, filtering everything into a tumbler glass. Fill with the Scortese Ginger Beer Bio and decorate with cucumber, raspberries and mint.


A drink that draws inspiration from the moment we are all living in the world, for a fresh cocktail to drink at any time of the day, because ‘a winner is nothing more than a dreamer who has never given up’. The ‘Signori si nasce’ drink, by Leandro Serra, bar manager of The Duke Cocktail Lounge Bar de La Maddalena takes its cue from the famous line of Italian actor Totò in the film of the same name and is characterized by its heterogeneity, with the sweet notes of elderflower liqueur, the acid note of lime for the right balance and a structured body like that of N.3 London Dry Gin, distributed in Italy by Pallini. All closed with a generous top of Scortese Ginger Beer Bio with the spicy and spicy notes of ginger root, in a natural and organic drink created by Bevande Futuriste for the Cortese brand, with two blends of peppers and chili. The preparation of Scortese Ginger Beer Bio takes up and reinterprets all the procedures that, in the 18th Century, had led to the birth of this drink, with ginger placed in natural and slow fermentation. At the base, today, there are all refined and pure ingredients: raw cane sugar, Asian pepper – also known as flower pepper – chili, carbon dioxide and organic ginger juice.



BARTENDER: Simone Mina head bartender of Ch 18 87, the cocktail bar of the historic Checchino restaurant in Rome since 1887


3 cl Spiced Whiskey Mix (3pt of Jim Beam Rye cinnamon and 1pt of Laphroaig Select)

3 cl Jim Beam bourbon whiskey

1.5 cl apricot liqueur

Strong Tonic Cortese fill up

Glass: highball


For the home made preparation, leave to macerate 2 cinnamon sticks in 35 cl of Jim Beam Rye Whiskey for 24 hours, then filter and bottle. To prepeare the Spiced Whiskey Mix, combine three parts of Jim Beam Rye with cinnamon and one part of Laphroaig Select. For the drink, with the build over ice technique, fill a highball glass – or a tall tumbler – with ice, pour the Spiced Whiskey Mix, the Jim Beam vourbon and the apricot liqueur into the glass, then fill with the Strong Tonic Cortese and mix gently with a bar spoon.


A drink that has the flavor of whiskey, enhanced by the Strong Tonic Cortese, produced by Bevande Futuriste, a tonic with a strong and easy identity, given by the addition of chilli pepper – which gives it greater persistence – and by a higher concentration of natural quinine which returns sparkle. A cocktail, that of Simone Mina, head bartender of Ch 18 87, the cocktail bar of the historic Checchino restaurant in Rome since 1887 that is inspired by the sparklingness of the Rome of the Dolce Vita, its bars and Marcello Mastroianni and Liz Taylor and all the celebrities who animated them, but in particular at the true hub of Via Veneto, the Paparazzo, which moves nonchalantly among its tables, night clubs, in the traffic of American cars that occupy Via Veneto, always in the company of his photography machine Rolleiflex, stealing gossip and occasions. This drink pays homage to this mythical character: glamorous – but never too much – and pleasing – but never too much. There is no hotel or cocktail bar that he does not know, via Veneto is his second home, always ready to seize the right opportunity, the moment that runs away for a scoop, only to find themselves, victims and executioners, sharing the counter and successes.




BARTENDER: Sabina Yausheva



4.5 cl cachaça

3 cl lemon

2.5 cl pineapple syrup

1,5 cl blue curaçao

1 cl egg white

top Pure Tonic Cortese

Glass: Collins


Pour all the ingredients into a shaker with ice, exept the Cortese Pure Tonic. Shake well to whip the egg white to whip and pour, filtering it all, into a Collins glass filled with ice. Finally, gently pour in the Cortese Pure Tonic and mix gently with a bar spoon.


A drink inspired by the famous song by Antonio Carlos ‘Tom’ Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes and his poetic lyrics ‘Look how much beauty, full of grace: it is the girl who passes gently swaying towards the sea’ … Notes and words that bring the people who drink this Garota de Ipanema, by bartender Sabina Yausheva, in that seductive and full of life land that is Brazil. All based on cachaça, distilled from sugar cane juice and Cortese Pure Tonic, produced in Italy by Bevande Futuriste, a natural tonic that contains only water, mineral salts, sugar and authentic natural quinine. Imagine your feet in the sand, lying in the shade of a palm tree, overwhelmed and seduced by the musicality of the Portuguese language, your skin warmed by the sun, the drink in your hand and, in front of you, the wonderful panorama that only Rio de Janeiro can offer. A hymn to travel, for a drink, ‘Garota de Ipanema’ which, in the intentions of the bartender, wants to escape reality even for a few minutes and dream of being elsewhere. Without red areas, yellow areas, but only warm and sandy areas.


Icona Italiano 32-Text White





We recommend that you always drink alcohol in moderation and above all, do not drive after doing it.


Texts © Carlo Dutto for iBESTmag, Images courtesy Carlo Dutto – Reproduction Forbidden.


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