Trendy Cocktails for the Summer



Eight cool recipes for this hot 2019, proposed by the best mixologists.


Summer, we all know, is the time of year when we spend more time outside the home: we travel, we take part in parties, we meet friends, we relax on sunny beaches and above all, we drink a lot of more. Both to quench their thirst, but also, dragged by the atmosphere and the events of the season.

iBESTmag - Trendy Cocktails for Summer


Cocktails are one of the cornerstones to satisfy our desire to drink, whether it be non alcoholic or alcoholic.

For this reason, we could not miss the opportunity to offer our readers some trendy recipes, and to do so we turned to our friend Carlo Dutto, journalist and well-known expert in the field of good drinking, who suggested eight among the most current and appreciated. Here for you the cocktails recommended by Carlo.

Happy reading and … cheers!





iBESTmag - SUNSET KISS di Simone Mina del Ch 18 87 di Roma


BARMAN: Simone Mina of Ch 18 87, the cocktail bar of the historic “Checchino restaurant since 1887” in Rome (bar indicated by the BlueBlazer App Guide to the Best Italian Cocktail Bars in Italy)

4 cl Cognac Hine V.S.O.P.
2 cl Formidable Bitter
2 cl lime juice
1.5 cl pineapple juice
1.5 cl Bio cranberry juice
1.5 cl mango syrup
0.5 cl Absinthe Versinthe Liquoristerie de Provence

Glass: double Old Fashioned
Garnish: lime and flower shell

With the rolling technique, pour all the ingredients in the smallest half of a two-piece shaker, then pour the whole in the largest half, duly filled with ice and with the help of a sieve slide the liquid between the two containers for about 4/5 times. Once diluted and cooled pour into an Old Fashioned double glass filled with ice and garnish with a lime star and flowers as desired.





iBESTmag - SURFIN' BIRD di Nicholas Pinna barmanager Hotel Locarno di Roma


BARMAN: Nicholas Pinna, barmanager Hotel Locarno – Rome

6 cl whiskey blend aged in cask for 6 months with Connemara, Craigellachie and Knob Creek whiskeys
1.5 gr muscovado sugar
3 sprigs of fresh mint only top parts
Soda q.b.
Crushed ice

Glass: Julep cup
Garnish: mint and red fruits

Directly in the mint and cane sugar julep cup, add a little soda to mix and dissolve the sugar, then fill the glass with crushed ice and pour 6 cl of the whiskey blend directly from the barrel. Mix everything and decorate. The Surfin’ bird as the song from the soundtrack of  Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket is the perfect companion to get into the warm nights of the Hotel Locarno’s garden. The Mint Julep makes it light enough, the crushed ice gives it the right tone of freshness, but it is the blend of whiskey, which gives it that inimitable, unique character. And it could not be otherwise: the whiskey used as a base is a blended blend and left to age in cask just behind the bar of the Hotel Locarno bar.





iBESTmag - Wild Wild Breakfast - Hotel Majestic Palace di Sorrento


BARMAN: Hotel Majestic Palace in Sorrento

4 cl bourbon Maker’s Mark
1.5 cl Martini Rosso
1.5 cl Triple Sec
3 drops Droplets by Javier de las Muelas Absinthe Van Gogh
2 slices of orange
2 tea spoon of bitter orange marmalade from Don Geppi restaurant Citrus foam

Garnish: 1/2 slice of dehydrated pink grapefruit and a sprig of mint

To taste a quality bourbon like Maker’s Mark in a powerful but harmonious blend of citrus and citrus foam. Prepare the citrus foam in a siphon. Lightly crush the orange slices in the shaker and add the rest of the ingredients. Shake vigorously with plenty of ice and pour into a glass filled with ice. Complete with the citrus foam and decorate.





iBESTmag - Essence di Michele Salerno del Kajiki – Messina


BARMAN: Michele Salerno of the Kajiki – Messina

40 ml rum Don Papa
20 ml Nikka Single Barrel
20 ml nectar passion fruit
20 ml Giardini d’Amore lemon liqueur
bitter salted caramel drops
egg white drops
essence of orange

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously. Pour the liquid through a strainer into a low glass containing ice.





iBESTmag - Masciu di scogliu Leandro Serra del The Duke – La Maddalena


BARMAN: Leandro Serra of The Duke – La Maddalena (OT)

40 ml Jim Beam rye
20 ml prickly pear liqueur Giardini d’Amore
1 fresh passion fruit
1 cl lime
50 ml orange juice

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously. Pour the liquid through a sieve into a large glass filled with crushed ice.





iBESTmag - Sleeping Witch di Gennaro Schiano dell'Hilton Sorrento Palace – Sorrento 1


BARMAN: Gennaro Schiano of the Hilton Sorrento Palace – Sorrento (NA)

30ml Strega liqueur
20ml peach tree
20ml vanilla syrup
80ml chamomile infusion

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously. Pour the liquid through a sieve into a tall glass containing ice. Complete with the infusion of chamomile. Garnish with lavender and maraschino cherry.





iBESTmag - St James Street di Giuseppe Marzovilla del ParlaPiano Buvette di Mola di bari


BARMAN: Giuseppe Marzovilla of ParlaPiano Buvette – Mola di Bari (BA)

50 ml No.3 London Dry Gin
30 ml grapefruit juice
15 ml cardamom syrup
3 dash orange flowers
Top 4 cl Sanbitter white

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously. Pour the liquid through a sieve into a tall glass containing ice. Complete with the white Sanbitter.





iBESTmag - Ghigliottina di Giacomo Giannotti del Paradiso – Barcellona


BARMAN: Giacomo Giannotti of Paradiso – Barcelona

40 ml Maker’s Mark burbon
30 ml Pedro Ximenez
15 ml Pisco El Gobernador vacuum cooked with Kaffir Lime leaves
25 ml lemon juice
10 ml vanilla syrup
10 ml grape syrup
25 ml Sancha Green tea
25 ml hibiscus tea
50 ml pure watermelon
6 dash peychouds bitter
60 ml whole milk
Absent spry in the glass

Pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice. Mix vigorously. Pour the liquid through a strainer into two Old Fashioned glasses without ice.


Icona Italiano 32



We recommend to drink with moderation and above all, not to drive after drinking.


Article and cover image © iBESTmail – The recipes and images are kindly provided by Carlo Dutto and © of their respective owners –  Reproduction Forbidden.


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