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iBESTmag - Un Mare di Vino - Fiumicino Darsena - Famiglia Cotarella Falesco

White, Rosé and Sparkling .


During this hot summer, food and wine events are multiplying. In all of Italy there is no day (or rather evening) that cannot be found in one’s own city, or in vacation places an event that has food and good drinking as its theme. Opportunities to spend some time during the holidays, to go out at night when it is cooler, but also opportunities to always learn about new production realities, find those already known and deepen their knowledge.


iBESTmag - Un Mare di Vino - Fiumicino Darsena - Cincinnato Winery


One of these interesting events took place recently (on July 27th) in Fiumicino, a seaside small town near Rome, at the Darsena, which overlooks the mouth of the Tiber River. This is Un Mare diVino, in its 3rd edition, where the protagonists were the whites, rosé and bubbles of Lazio, in addition to some showcooking conducted by some famous chefs, such as the starred Michele Usai and Gianfranco Pascucci, together with Marco Claroni, and the inevitable evening’s DJ set. The organization was curated by Fabio Carnevali and Stefano Albano in collaboration with ARSIAl and Fiumicino’s Municipality.


iBESTmag - Un Mare di Vino - Fiumicino Darsena - Cincinnato Winery


Protagonists: the


From early afternoon until late at night, enthusiasts or even the merely curious were able to taste excellent wines, some gastronomic specialties of the territory and watch the chef’s performances.

For organizational reasons, we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to the wine side of the event. A dozen producers were present, with the best of their production in the sector to which the event was dedicated. Numerous therefore the different interpretations of the typical vines cultivated in the Lazio, as the Malvasia, the Malvasia Puntinata, the Trebbiano, the Bellone, the Chardonnay.


iBESTmag - Un Mare di Vino - Fiumicino Darsena - Sanvitis


From the qualitative point of view, decidedly high, given the limited number of producers present, it does not seem appropriate to make a selection of the best ones. We can assure you that every taste was satisfactory. A small flaw that we need to point out (which also contributed to this choice) was that caused by the high environmental temperature which, despite the efforts of producers and organizers with continuous supplies of ice, has not always allowed, at least in the afternoon hours (i.e. when we were present), a correct serving temperature.


iBESTmag - Un Mare di Vino - Fiumicino Darsena - Poggio alle Volpi iBESTmag - Un Mare di Vino - Fiumicino Darsena - Cantine Volpetti iBESTmag - Un Mare di Vino - Fiumicino Darsena - Famiglia Cotarella Falesco
iBESTmag - Un Mare di Vino - Fiumicino Darsena - Tellenae Manfredi Stramacci iBESTmag - Un Mare di Vino - Fiumicino Darsena - La Luna nel Casale iBESTmag - Un Mare di Vino - Fiumicino Darsena - Valle Marina


But we admit it, we were not totally sincere … something that struck us in particular there was. But we reserve the right to talk about it in depth in the near future. Keep following us, and you won’t regret it.

These were the wineries present: Casale del Giglio, Famiglia Cotarella, Poggio Le Volpi, Cincinnato, Omina Romana, La Luna nel Casale, Casale Marchese, Cantine Volpetti, Terre di Marfisa, Sanvitis, Tellenae e Valle Marina.




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