Don Papa Rum Inspires Ten Cinematographic Cocktails

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Ten “Cinematographic” drinks inspired by Don Papa Rum: trendy cocktails, created by .


Our friend Carlo Dutto proposes another unmissable cocktail collection, this time all based on Don Papa Rum, and all inspired by the world of Cinema. Famous movies (with some forays even among the best television series of our time) that have somehow suggested to and to of trendy drinks, who remember and evoke the stories, the atmospheres and the places of the films to which they are dedicated.

But, let’s immediately pass the word to Carlo, who will talk about the Don Papa Rum and will present the complete recipes of the ten drinks!


The Don Papa Rum


iBESTmag - Don Papa Scherry Cask



Relying on the great success achieved since its launch in 2012 in some countries, Don Papa Rum – the first premium rum of the Philippines with limited and selected lots – has a consumption trend in Italy that goes beyond the most optimistic expectations. This year, in fact, the Bel Paese is conquering the first place in terms of growth trends among the main Philippine rum markets, also thanks to the distribution and marketing strength of “Rinaldi 1957”, led by Gabriele Rondani, PR & Marketing Director . The bouquet that characterizes Rum Don Papa releases notes of vanilla, honey and candied fruit with a long and enveloping gustatory texture in the finish, referring to the atmospheres of the West Negros island, where it is distilled and aged for over seven years in American oak barrels . The rum is the perfect representation of the lush and colorful landscape of the island and the irreverence of the story of Pope Isio, the revolutionary hero who inspired the name of Don Papa. In the veins of Rum Don Papa one perceives the extraordinary flora and fauna , the mountains, the volcanoes, the exotic animals and the guerrillas of the past in the hills of this place, also known as Sugarlandia and considered one of the richest and most interesting places in the world. Among the numerous releases of Rum Don Papa, the recent Sevillana Cask Finish, a limited edition super premium, inspired by Spain, with the scent of Seville oranges. A blend of rums selected by Master Blender to produce a unique rum in its category, unfiltered and bottled at 40 degrees. But also Don Papa 7 years, Don Papa 10 years, Rare Cask and Sherry Cask Finish.

We therefore present ten Italian-based Don Papa-based bartender recipes, always bearing in mind that it is good to drink responsibly, therefore drinking less and better.


iBESTmag - Rum Don Papa Mass Kara Canister Bottle






(inspired by the film “Mine Vaganti”, by Ferzan Ozpetek, 2010)

BARLADY: Ilaria Bello del Talea di Torvaianica (Rome)


iBESTmag - Drink MINA VAGANTE di Ilaria Bello del Talea di Torvaianica Roma



4 cl rum Don Papa
2 cl Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin
1.5 cl lime
2 cl Fabbri passion fruit puree
1.5 cl apricot brandy
5 cl pineapple juice
Top of Champagne Jacquart

Glass: glass of wine
Garnish: mint leaves and orchid

Pour all the ingredients – except the champagne – in a shaker, shake vigorously and pour the contents, including the ice, into a wine glass. Conclude with a top of Champagne Jacquart and decorate with mint leaves and orchid.

“Mina Vagante” (Wandering Mine) is the nickname of the grandmother, a character played by Ilaria Occhini, who recently passed away and to whom the drink is dedicated. “The loose cannon – you can hear it in the film – it is gone … the wandering mines are used to bring the mess, to take things and to put them where nobody wanted to let us stay, to mess up everything …”. The film tells of delicate social and family balances, of revelations and conditions that unite or shatter certainties and customs. This drink is meant to represent just that: getting out of the ordinary, mixing Filipino rum Don Papa, British gin Fifty Pounds, French Jacquart Champagne. All apparently contrasting products, like the protagonists of the film, which, however, united together as in the dance of the final scene, find a balance and manage to coexist, going beyond the clichés.


(inspired by the film “Stromboli – Terra di Dio”, by Roberto Rossellini, 1950)

BARLADY: Ilaria Bello del Talea di Torvaianica (Rome)


iBESTmag - Drink KARIN di Ilaria Bello del Talea di Torvaianica Roma


6 cl rum Don Papa
3.5 cl fresh citrus juice – lemons and Sicilian tarocco oranges
2 cl honey syrup from the Sicilian hills
3 dash Talea bitter mix n ° 3
Prickly pear velvet made with Fabbri ‘Aria and velvet’ and Simple with Fichi d’India

Glass: vintage cocktail cup

Pour the juice, honey syrup, bitter and Don Papa rum into a shaker. Shake vigorously and pour, filtering, into a vintage cocktail cup. Finish with a prickly pear velvet (made with Fabbri “air and velvet” and “Simple with prickly pears”).

Drink with Filipino rum Don Papa, inspired by the movie Stromboli – Land of God, one of Rossellini’s masterpieces that sees for the first time the beautiful Ingrid Bergman on the screen. Set on the island of Stromboli, it tells of Karin’s suffering to adapt to such a magnificent and impervious place, and to life with a husband-master. Karin tries to escape, escaping to the summit of the Volcano, passing by a path that was traced on purpose to shoot the scenes of the film. You can still walk today, to relive the magic of such a special place and, to accompany the journey, you can see at the edge of the path the blades full of prickly pears that, with their color, revive a primordial landscape.


iBESTmag - Drink KARIN di Ilaria Bello del Talea di Torvaianica Roma




(inspired by the film “The Devil’s Lawyer”, by Taylor Hackford, 1997)

BARMAN: Marco Riccetti, head bartender of the Inside Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Turin


iBESTmag - Drink THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE di Marco Riccetti head bartender dell'Inside Restaurant & Cocktailbar di Torino



4.5 cl rum Don Papa
2.5 cl apple liqueur
3 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters
3 drop tabasco
1cl sugar syrup

Glass: vintage
Garnish: dried apple, chilli pepper and mint sprig

With the Stir & Strain technique, pour the whole into the vintage glass, Old Fashioned (Sazerac style) and add as a topping dried apple, chilli pepper and a sprig of mint.

The inspiration comes from the concept of the temptation of deception, present in the film: the whole story and the narrative evolve in a fluid and calculated way, it seems. Until you reach the moment when the Devil reveals his cards to his lawyer, as well as his son. By making him understand his intentions, the lawyer appeals to free will to reverse the situation. So it turns out that it was all a “dream”, but that it actually turns back into a will orchestrated by the devil to get what he wants. The concept of deception is therefore the basis of this drink, a twist on a great classic, like the Sazerac. This is served in a glass without ice, making it look like a classic glass of whiskey, but it really isn’t. And with the same principle the drink plays with the deception of an aged rum, in this case the Philippine rum Don Papa. All combined with the sweet and bewitching taste of vanillin, the tempting part of the apple liqueur, the bitter aftertaste of bitter aromatic, and to the spiciness and spiciness of Tabasco. All characteristics of the bewitching and pungent style of the Devil, which relies on the lawyer’s Ego, pointing to its pride, one of the Seven Capital Vices.


iBESTmag - Marco Riccetti head bartender dell'Inside Restaurant & Cocktail Bar di Torino



(inspired by the film “Pirates of the Caribbean – At the edge of the world”, by Gore Verbinski, 2007)

BARLADY: Valentina Bianco, bar manager of the Cocktail Bar La Bouche di Courmayeur (Aosta)


iBESTmag - Drink SPARROW GROG di Valentina Bianco barmanager del Cocktail Bar La Bouche di Courmayeur (Aosta)



6 cl Rum Don Papa
2.5 cl infusion of black olong tea in Vermouth Rosso Oscar 697
8 cl mango juice
2.5 cl moscovado sugar syrup and lime
Top of Franciacorta La Montina Brut

Glass: large cup
Garnish: dehydrated mango and caramelized lime with muscovado

With the shake and strain technique, pour all the ingredients – except La Montina – into the shaker and shake with plenty of ice. Strain into a large cup. For the infusion, pour the black olong tea in Oscar Vermouth Rosso 697 for at least 12 hours and filter well. To prepare moscovado and lime sugar syrup, dissolve the sugar in the lime juice until boiling 1 to 1. Decorate with dehydrated mango and caramelized lime with muscovado.

Inspired by the famous movie “Pirates of the Caribbean – At the edge of the world”, the drink plays the personality of the famous Captain Jack Sparrow, who created his own personal grog reserve. Being in South East Asia, the Don Papa rum will be the master, spiced with the sweet tones of the Vermouth Oscar 697, stolen from a Spanish ship, along with the precious black olong tea and Italian wine. The juice of tropical fruits – lime and mango – combined with Philippine rum sugar make this grog its most precious treasure. A fresh and exotic aperitif, just like the sparkling captain.


iBESTmag - Valentina Bianco barmanager del Cocktail Bar La Bouche di Courmayeur (Aosta)



(inspired by the film “Fantozzi”, by Luciano Salce, 1975)

BARMAN: Alessio Ciucci, bartender of Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA, of Castel Giorgio (Terni)


iBESTmag - Drink DAIQUIRI PRENESTINO di Alessio Ciucci, bartender del Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA, di Castel Giorgio (Terni)



4 cl rum Don Papa
2 cl Imperial Gold vodka
0.75 cl Molinari
1.5 cl shrub with pears, ginger and pink pepper
1 cl lemon juice
2 cl lime juice
A splash of Lapsang Souchong black tea extracted with vodka and gin

Glass: cup
Garnish: lemon peel

Pour the ingredients into a shaker, shake everything and pour into a cup.

The name of the drink “Daiquiri Prenestino” has a double meaning: one more personal and the other a movie theme. A Roman theme linked to the bartender hangs over everything: “My grandparents live in Rome and every time I go to the center after I have been there, I take the Prenestina”. As for the film, the drink mentions the accountant Fantozzi in the famous bus scene taken on the fly! After the Prenestina there are in fact elevated streets and from the terrace of one of the houses overlooking the elevated road, Fantozzi, jumping, takes the bus that takes him to work. Imperial Gold vodka – the best-selling premium vodka in Russia – is reminiscent of the Battleship Potemkin scene, while the splash of Lapsang Souchong black tea, extracted with vodka and gin, in the bottom of the glass represents Roman traffic.


iBESTmag - Alessio Ciucci, bartender del Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA, di Castel Giorgio(Terni)



inspired by “DIRTY DANCING”, by Emile Ardolino, 1987

BARLADY: Elena Di Nardo of the Ego Bar Caffè & Lounge Drink di Villongo (Bergamo)


iBESTmag - Drink TIME OF MY LIFE di Elena Di Nardo dell'Ego Bar Caffè and Lounge Drink di Villongo Bergamo


25 ml Don Papa rum
30 ml pineapple extract
10 ml quince shrub
1 maraschino barspoon
Top Franciacorta DOCG Brut La Montina

Pour all the ingredients, except the Brut La Montina, in a shaker. Shake everything vigorously and pour, filtering into a previously cooled flute. Top of Brut La Montina to complete the drink.

With this drink we want to remember the explosion of the sensual and frenetic rhythm of “Dirty Dancing”, a film that evokes the freshness and youth of love. No matter the age, every time you see this movie, you feel like a teenager in love for the first time. I tried to reproduce all the emotions that this film conveys to me with the search for a unique taste, through the use of Filipino rum Don Papa, with a fresh taste and hints of banana, mango and coconut. It is a rum that helps to let go, like the songs in the movie itself, that you never tire of listening to, that still make entire generations dance.


iBESTmag - Elena Di Nardo barlady



(inspired by the film “Gomorra”, by Matteo Garrone, 2008)

BARMAN: Alessandro Antonelli, bar manager of the Sky Stars Bar and of the bar Il Giardino dell’A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel in Rome


iBESTmag - Drink GO...MORA! di Alessandro Antonelli, barmanager dello Sky Stars Bar dell'A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel di Roma photo by Alberto Blasetti


4 cl rum Don Papa
2 cl Vermouth Oscar.697
2 cl Briteet blackberry liqueur

Glass: Asti cup

Pour all the ingredients in a mixing glass in order as per the recipe, “stretch” for a few seconds, filter and serve in a previously frozen Asti glass.

The cocktail is like the film: you wish it would never end, intense and surprising at the same time. For the drink, Filipino rum Don Papa and Vermouth Oscar.697, is played with the word Gomorra, which becomes Go … mora! The title of the film when becoming a cocktail loses an ‘r’ but acquires sweetness, in a perfect balance, which takes little to unbalance and compromise … just like some protagonists of the film.


(inspired by the TV series “Peaky Blinders” created by Steven Knight, from 2013)

BARMAN: Alessandro Antonelli, bar manager of the Sky Stars Bar and of the bar Il Giardino dell’A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel in Rome


iBESTmag - Drink PEAKY BLINDERS Alessandro Antonelli, bar manager dello Sky Stars Bar e del bar Giardino dell'A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel di Roma



2cl Don Papa rum mix
1cl Laphroaig 10yo whiskey
1cl Frangelico liqueur
4cl fresh pineapple pulp
1/2 teaspoon of concentrated passion fruit
ginger syrup q.b.
5 Tabasco drops
sprinkled with nutmeg

Glass: fancy long drink
Garnish: bay leaf, crispy bacon and orange peel in the shape of a blade

Pour all the ingredients according to the recipe in the mixing glass, add ice, shake vigorously, pour into a fancy long drink glass filled with ice, with a top of crushed ice. Finish with the decorations.

Dedicated to the British TV series Peaky Blinders, broadcast on Netflix, where the protagonists hide razor blades in their hats to commit criminal acts. The recipe calls for whiskey to be drunk in the series by the protagonists and rum because they taste it in an episode and, although they do not know the name, they appreciate it and rename it “modified whiskey”.


iBESTmag - Alessandro Antonelli barmanager Sky Stars Bar di Roma




(inspired by ‘Dracula by Bram Stoker’, by Francis Ford Coppola, 1992)

BARTENDER: Sabina Yausheva, bartender of the Bar Julep of the Hotel de la Ville in Rome


iBESTmag - Drink VAMPIRE'S BREAKFAST di Sabina Yausheva, bartender del Bar Julep dell'Hotel de la Ville di Roma



4.5 cl almond milk
3.5 cl rum Don Papa
1.5 cl Cinnamon rosini Pallini
1 cl Pallini vanilla syrup
2/3 drops of syrup Amarena Pallini

Glass: cup
Garnish: 1 blackberry and 1 slice of dehydrated orange

Put a cup in the fridge to cool it, during the time of preparation of the drink. Then, pour all the ingredients into a shaker except for the drops of black cherry syrup that will be used later to decorate the glass. Fill with ice and shake vigorously for 8/10 seconds. With a strainer and a strainer, filter the contents into the cup which has been previously chilled. On the edges of the glass pour a few drops of black cherry syrup to give a “blood effect” and place on top, with the help of a toothpick, a blackberry with a slice of dried orange.

Let’s imagine we are in a castle at dawn … the fog that swallowed the walls slowly thins out. We hear some noises coming from an elegant living room with red sofas … we look a little scared and we see that, behind a bar counter, there is a man with a long cloak and protruding canines, who is preparing some sort of potion with showy bottles. After shaking vigorously we see him serving us an ivory-colored liquid in a finely decorated cup. Rum, almond milk, cinnamon, sour cherries, vanilla … here we are served a Vampire’s breakfast directly from Count Dracula!


iBESTmag - Drink VAMPIRE'S BREAKFAST di Sabina Yausheva, bartender del Bar Julep dell'Hotel de la Ville di Roma




(inspired by the film Ma ’Rosa, by Brillante Mendoza, 2016)

BARMAN: Jonathan Bergamasco, already a finalist in the Strega Mixology Award 2018


iBESTmag - Drink VAMPIRE'S BREAKFAST di Sabina Yausheva, bartender del Bar Julep dell'Hotel de la Ville di Roma


4.5 cl rum Don Papa
1.5 cl Sherbet of citrus fruits
1 cl homemade ginger syrup
Top of Prosecco Valdobbiadene

Garnish: lemon peel

Cool the serving glass very well, then pour all the ingredients into a shaker (except prosecco). Shake vigorously, using the double strain technique in the glass and complete with a prosecco top, to balance the sweetness of the Don Papa rum. Serve with a lemon peel.

A drink inspired by San Valentino with a sweet but decisive soul, how we loved our love, but also to the film Ma ‘Rosa by the Filipino director Brillante Mendoza, winner of the Prix d’information féminine at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and chosen for to represent the Fillippine at the 2017 Oscar Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category. The inspiration to the Philippines is also found in the story of the birth of Don Papa rum, to which this cocktail is dedicated, to the love that is not always between man and woman, but which can also be manifested by a man – a hero in this case – for his land and his people: the love that Dionisio Magbuelas (better known as Papa Isio) combined with the sense of justice to bring the Philippines to liberation from Spanish domination. Love is also freedom.


iBESTmag - Jonathan Bergamasco barman



More Info:



Icona Italiano 32 Extended




We recommend that you always drink alcohol in moderation and above all, do not drive after doing it.


Texts © Carlo Dutto for iBESTmag, Images courtesy Carlo Dutto – Forbidden Reproduction


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