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An evening at the Hotel Savoy – Rome, dedicated to the presentation and promotion of selected wines from the Guide published by the Association.


Another interesting initiative, the one promoted by Go Wine (we already talked about it HERE) at the Savoy Hotel on March 5th, where some of the wineries included in their Guide “Cantine d’Italia” (Italian Wineries) were presented. A particularly welcome opportunity to always taste new wines that we did not miss.

Not many (about thirty) the brands presented, but well distributed throughout the national territory and each with numerous and interesting labels. As usual, we went to taste the types of wines that attracted us the most (obviously not being able to test them all) and among these, we made our choices to point out those we liked best.

Go Wine - Cantine d'Italia - Italian Wineries - Hotel Savoy


The Selection of iBEStmag


The first indication is reserved for the wines of Gigante (Friuli), of which we have tested the remarkable Pinot Grigio, Friulano and Sauvignon.

Go Wine - Cantine d'Italia - Gigante

Next, of Il Feuduccio (Abruzzo), we enjoyed the bubbles of Pecorino Spumante Brut and the Cerasuolo Rosè.

Go Wine - Cantine d'Italia - Il Feuduccio

Yamada was also excellent: a Pecorino from Zaccagnini (Abruzzo).

Go Wine - Cantine d'Italia - Zaccagnini

Another company worth mentioning is Ricchi F.lli Stefanoni (in the province of Mantua), present with numerous proposals, including Essenza 0 PAs Dosè and the excellent passito Le Cime.

Go Wine - Cantine d'Italia - Ricchi Stefanoni

Of Benforte (Marche) instead, we have greatly appreciated Puccio, a red Marche IGT from Montepulciano grapes.

Go Wine - Cantine d'Italia - Benforte

From Vignalta (in the province of Padua) we mention the Gemola 2012 (Merlot 70% Cabernet Franc 30%) and the Marrano 2010 (Cabernet Sauvignon 50% and Merlot 50%).

Go Wine - Cantine d'Italia - Vignalta)

Finally, it’s been a  real pleasure to taste the wines of Conati (Veneto) with labels such as Valpolicella Classico Superiore, Amarone Classico della Valpolicella and above all, Oro Rosso del Doge.

Go Wine - Cantine d'Italia - Conati


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