Palazzina Grassi – Venice

Luxury, Beauty, Exclusivity, Charm, Sensuality and Mystery.


In Venice, behind the simple name , one of the best 50 luxury hotels in the world is hidden, according to the authoritative Condé Nast Traveler magazine. Not by chance, is the preferred Venice’s Hotel of many famous names of entertainment, culture and international jet set.
Such success is due to the particular philosophy that animates this Hotel, where luxury blends with refined and innovative design, curated by a star like Philippe Starck (the only Hotel in Italy). A design that enhances the beauty and sensuality of the place through a painstaking care of even the most (apparently) insignificant details. At the same time, Palazzina Grassi is a kind of secret, secluded “refuge”, where you can enjoy your privacy immersed in its mysterious, refined and intimate atmospheres. An irresistible blend of classicism and modernity envelops guests, including avant-garde design choices and unforgettable views of the Grand Canal.

Venice: Palazzina Grassi Hotel

It therefore seems almost superfluous to point out that the different Suites available are placed at the highest levels of hospitality and functionality, with their well-designed design, light pastel colors, large glazed surfaces, fine materials.

Even in describing the aspect of catering and entertainment you risk to exceed the use of high-sounding adjectives, but it is impossible to avoid it. The aesthetic and qualitative choices of Palazzina Grassi in fact, place at the highest levels of excellence both the restaurant and the Krug Lounge (one of the only two existing in the world, created in collaboration with the famous Champagne producer), where the respective atmospheres enhance at most the pleasure of a romantic dinner, like that of private and exclusive events or parties. There is also a large terrace, which turns into an open-air restaurant in summer, with beautiful views over the rooftops of Venice.

Palazzina Grassi – Venice

Venice: Palazzina Grassi HotelVenice: Palazzina Grassi HotelVenice: Palazzina Grassi HotelVenice: Palazzina Grassi HotelVenice: Palazzina Grassi HotelVenice: Palazzina Grassi HotelVenice: Palazzina Grassi HotelVenice: Palazzina Grassi HotelVenice: Palazzina Grassi HotelVenice: Palazzina Grassi HotelVenice: Palazzina Grassi Hotel

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