Pujadó Solano

Delights from the Cantabrian Sea.

Santoña, a small town of “only” 12,000 inhabitants that overlooks the Bay of Biscay, of the Cantabrian Sea, in the north-east of Spain, is famous in the world and well known by gourmets. Apart from the modern tourist vocation, it is in fact a place where the delicious fish products from that sea have always been worked. The white tuna (Bonito del Norte) but, especially the Anchoas del Cantabrico, can not miss the tables of the most demanding and refined gourmets.

Among the companies that distinguish themselves for the processing and conservation of these products, Pujadó Solano combines 50 years of experience in traditional processing with a modern company policy, which leads it to be present in the best shops and restaurants in over 15 countries of the world.
Tradition, we said. In fact, Pujadó Solano is still a family business, where the different generations still apply the methods of salting and conservation handed down since the ’50s by Ana and Miguel Solano and then continued as a real company by Milagros Solano and Alfons Pujadó starting in 1984.
The production is practically zero km, since the fish just landed in the port of Santoña is worked in the Pujadó Solano factories a few hundred meters. For white tuna no additives are used and the anchovies are stored with the right amount of salt which enhances their organoleptic and preserves the nutritional qualities. Qualities that have been awarded the Great Taste Awards for 5 consecutive years.
Particular attention is paid to the issue of eco-sustainability, certified by the presence of the MSC ecolabel.
In conclusion, products of decidedly quality, which are worth trying to give that “extra touch” to your table.




Pujadó Solano CantabriaPujadó Solano CantabriaPujadó Solano CantabriaPujadó Solano CantabriaPujadó Solano CantabriaPujadó Solano CantabriaPujadó Solano CantabriaPujadó Solano CantabriaPujadó Solano Cantabria

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