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Where Beauty reigns supreme.


One of the brightest gems, set in the dazzling diadem of the Amalfi Coast. It is here, in what the Romans called Campania Felix, which arises from XI century an ancient palace founded by a noble Roman family: palazzo d’Afflitto. A medieval building that, through the centuries, lived moments of splendor alternated with others of abandonment, until in 1893 it was transformed into a pension (and in a hotel later) by the Caruso family and has gradually become an irresistible attraction for travelers from every country, including internationally renowned names: from Virginia Wolf to Dustin Hoffman, through Greta Garbo, Humprey Bogardt and Jackie Kennedy/Onassis.

But what is it that makes this place so special? Simple: a happy combination of location, construction, enviable climate and the surrounding environment, in one of the most fascinating places on earth. Ravello indeed, with its dominant and isolated position, overlooking the Gulf of Salerno is one of the most exclusive places on the entire Amalfi Coast. A small medieval village, especially known for two extraordinary villas that offer memorable scenarios: Villa Cimbrone, whose “belvedere” is truly breathtaking, suspended as it is between sky and sea, and Villa Rufolo whose garden inspired Richard Wagner in the composition of Parsifal and where every year, the Festival dedicated to this composer is held.

Belmond Hotel Caruso - Ravello


The “Dolce Vita”

Immersed in plantations of lemons, olive groves and rose gardens Ravello is truly a magical place, where you can retreat to enjoy the inebriating natural beauties in a suspended atmosphere, almost out of time.
The Belmond Hotel Caruso enjoys a privileged position within the very privilege that defines this place. The ancient villa d’Afflitto was acquired in 2000 by the Belmond Group which dedicated a refined restoration lasted five years. The medieval structures have been preserved, the interior frescoes rediscovered and restored. The materials chosen with meticulous care: from majolica tiles decorated according to local use, to individual stones, fabrics and objects of furniture, everything has been designed to obtain a refined and comfortable final result.

Belmond Hotel Caruso - Ravello

But not enough, the enhancement of the outdoor areas was even more important and decisive: the arcades, the columns, the gardens and finally the construction of an extraordinary pool “suspended” between the sky and the sea contribute to create a work of art where the lucky visitors can feel in a sort of Heaven, far from any earthly preoccupation, immersed as they are among the perfumes of lemons, ancient roses and Mediterranean herbs, mixed with extraordinary and boundless landscapes.

Belmond Hotel Caruso - Ravello

Fifty, between rooms and suites (many of them with private garden) welcome guests in a comfortable and refined atmosphere, while the Belvedere Restaurant rivals the incomparable external visions to offer a taste experience on par with them. Also in this case the Campania Felix comes to help the Chef Mimmo di Raffaele, providing a whole series of local delicacies, produced by small farms in the vicinity or fished by the coastal fishing boats.

Belmond Hotel Caruso - Ravello


Belmond Hotel Caruso - Ravello


Belmond Hotel Caruso - Ravello

Needless to say at this point to highlight the presence of various Fitness Centers, Spaces for Events, present also in all other luxury hotels but, unfortunately for them …. not present here: in Ravello!

Belmond Hotel Caruso - Ravello


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Belmond Hotel Caruso - RavelloBelmond Hotel Caruso - RavelloBelmond Hotel Caruso - RavelloBelmond Hotel Caruso - RavelloBelmond Hotel Caruso - RavelloBelmond Hotel Caruso - RavelloBelmond Hotel Caruso - RavelloBelmond Hotel Caruso - Ravello

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