Drink Coffee and Cigarettes

iBESTmag - drink COFFEE AND CIGARETTES By Mario Farulla bar manager of Ristorante Baccano - Rome


Coffee and Cigarettes: another drink

 easy to make at home, created by Mario Farulla of the Baccano Restaurant – Rome. 


Given that the current difficult contingency still relegates most Italians (and not only) to home, we offer you, thanks to the collaboration of Carlo Dutto, another very easy cocktail to prepare at home. To spend some carefree moments together with your loved ones. Always of course, drinking responsibly.



(inspired by the film “Coffee and Cigarettes”, by Jim Jarmush, 2003)


BARMAN: Mario Farulla, bar manager of the Baccano restaurant in Rome, entered 70th in the ranking of The World’s 50 Best Bars 2019


iBESTmag - drink COFFEE AND CIGARETTES by Mario Farulla bar manager of Ristorante Baccano - Rome



45 ml Dewar’s 12yo Scotch Whiskey
A cup of long, cold coffee
A teaspoon of liquid sugar
Fill with tonic water

Glass: tall tumbler


Pour all the ingredients into a high tumbler glass filled with ice and mix with a barspoon.


In quarantine times, an extremely easy cocktail to prepare and reproduce even at home. A robust drink, decided as and thanks to coffee – and the smoky tones of 12-year-old Dewar’s Scotch whiskey – inspired by the indie film Coffee and Cigarettes, written and directed by Jim Jarmusch. To prepare it, pour 45 ml of Dewar’s 12yo Scotch Whiskey, a cup of long and cold coffee, a teaspoon of liquid sugar and enough of tonic water in a high tumbler glass filled with ice and mix with a barspoon. A drink that refers to the Coffee Tonic, a drink in vogue in recent years and which here, in the interpretation of the bar manager Mario Farulla, recalls the film consisting of 11 short films shot in different periods, which share the typical moment of coffee and cigarette. A film project that has stratified over the years, one short film at a time, the first of which was made in 1986 for the Saturday Night Live television program and based on a few fixed shots, use of black and white and comic dialogues on the theme of coffee. In 2003, after also winning the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival ten years earlier, with the third short film, Jarmush ended his project by shooting the missing episodes that formed the film. Farulla’s drink – bar manager of the cocktail bar in the Baccano restaurant in Rome, entered 70th in the prestigious ranking of The World’s Best 50 Bars 2019 – is in particular dedicated to the first episode, “Strange to know each other”, where two men, an Italian (Roberto Benigni) and an American who apparently do not know each other, sit together in a bar, drinking a huge amount of coffee and talking about nothing in a surreal dialogue, exchanging seats, impressions and opinions on coffee and cigarettes and finally even their respective appointments.


iBESTmag - Mario Farulla barmanager Ristorante Baccano - Rome photo by Andrea Di Lorenzo






We recommend that you always drink alcohol in moderation and above all, do not drive after doing it.


Texts © Carlo Dutto for iBESTmag, Images courtesy Carlo Dutto – Forbidden Reproduction


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