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Taste a History: an event dedicated to Lazio winemakers belonging to the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers at the WeGil in Rome.


The institutional purpose of the F.I.V.I. is to bring together the producers to represent them and promote the quality and authenticity of Italian wines, both in relations with institutions and the general public. The association also fulfills its tasks with events such as the one held in Rome on March 31 last: “Taste a History”, at the WeGil exhibition space, this time mainly dedicated to the promotion of Lazio wines. Some “guests” from other regions were also present.

Taste a History - FIVI Wines Lazio - Abbia Nòva

Unlike similar events, this time the entrance was free and this has certainly favored the presence of a large group of enthusiasts who, since the opening, have crowded the tasting stalls of the wineries present.

We then had to juggle with no small effort in the crowd to get to know the producers, taste their wines, take photographs and make our assessments. However, this is a sign of the persistent (and growing) interest of the general public in the world of wine and its many facets. People want to get to know and experience more and more companies and labels, the varieties of vines and the different winemaking techniques, while the winemakers make constant efforts to offer products of increasingly higher quality and that satisfy the varied tastes of potential consumers.

Taste a History - FIVI Wines Lazio


Our Selection


Since this was an event with a small number of participants, our selection has focused on a few companies too. As always, no big words or technicalities, but only the friendly invitation to consider wines that we … liked.

Among the producers of Lazio, let’s start with Donato Giangirolami, who makes his wines in the province of Latina. He was present with a good number of labels among which we particularly appreciated the Regius (Viognier, Sauvignon, Chardonnay), the Propizio (Grechetto) and the Prodigo (Syrah).

Taste a History - FIVI Wines Lazio - Giangirolami

Taste a History - FIVI Wines Lazio - Giangirolami - Regius

From Anagni (Frosinone), the wines of Colacicchi, among which we mention Stradabianca (Malvasia Puntinata, Passerina and Bellone) and above all Collepero, with the same grapes, but from “older” vineyards.

Taste a History - FIVI Wines Lazio - Colacicchi - Stradabianca Collepero

Also of interest are the proposals by Trebotti, from Castiglione in Teverina (Viterbo) which, in addition to dedicating itself to indigenous vines, including for example the Bludom (Aleatico Passito), introduced a particular grape variety to the Lazio region: the Incrocio Manzoni, a native Treviso born from the union of Rhine Riesling and Pinot Bianco. Excellent both in the still version (L’Incrocio) and in the spumante version (L’Ancestrale).


Taste a History - FIVI Wines Lazio - Trebotti - Ancestrale

The last Lazio producer that we want to point out is Palazzo Tronconi which presented different labels from the ancient and rare Arcese vines.

Among the guest producers, we particularly appreciated the rich offer of Luigi Maffini who from Cilento, in the province of Salerno, devotes himself to the cultivation of Aglianico and Fiano, two great vines that give rise to the excellent red Cenito, the very fragrant rosé Denazzano or in the second case, to the white Kratos.

Taste a History - FIVI Wines Lazio - Luigi Maffini - Cenito

Taste a History - FIVI Wines Lazio - Luigi Maffini - Denazzano

Essential instead is the production of La Salceta, in Loro Ciuffenna (Arezzo) which presented only two wines: the pleasant Osato, a rosé made from Cabernet Franc grapes and the excellent Ruschieto (Sangiovese).

Taste a History - FIVI Wines Lazio - La Salceta - Ruschieto


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FIVI – Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti

(Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers)


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