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Go Wine - Moscato Festival Tour Rome - iBESTmag


Great Muscat wines on the rooftop at Savoy Hotel.


In its many varieties, one of the most widespread and appreciated vines in Italy. The Moscato is in fact cultivated from the Valle d’Aosta to Sicily and offers countless wines with a great smell and sweet taste (although there are numerous varieties of dry muscat) excellent with desserts and some cheeses, or even as pleasant meditation wines.


As mentioned, there are many varieties and, just to name a few of the best known, we will remember Moscato d’Asti and Asti Spumante, Moscadello di Montalcino, Moscato di Trani and Zibibbo di Pantelleria.


Go Wine - Moscato Festival Tour Rome - iBESTmag


An excellent initiative was therefore promoted lately about on July 10th by Go Wine, which presented about 60 labels*, in the pleasant (albeit small) setting of the rooftop terrace of the Savoy Hotel in Rome. With a wide panoramic view of the roofs of the Eternal City, the numerous and enthusiastic visitors crowded the few available desks and really put to the test the skill and resistance of the sommeliers who had the task of explaining and pouring the different wines in tasting. An extra demonstration (in case there was still need for it) of the ever-growing interest in the world of good drinking and the success of Go Wine’s initiatives.

* In addition to Muscat labels, the wines of Roberto Sarotto, a well-known Piedmontese producer were also available for tasting.


Go Wine - Moscato Festival Tour Rome - iBESTmag


We must confess that this time, we have let ourselves be carried away by the atmosphere of the event and by the “spells” of the countless wines we have tasted, and therefore we have not been able to draw up our usual selection of favorites. In fact, the level was so high that virtually no taste disappointed our palate.


Go Wine - Moscato Festival Tour Rome - iBESTmag Go Wine - Moscato Festival Tour Rome - iBESTmag Go Wine - Moscato Festival Tour Rome - iBESTmag
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Go Wine - Moscato Festival Tour Rome - iBESTmag Go Wine - Moscato Festival Tour Rome - iBESTmag Go Wine - Moscato Festival Tour Rome - iBESTmag
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Go Wine - Moscato Festival Tour Rome - iBESTmag Go Wine - Moscato Festival Tour Rome - iBESTmag 11 Go Wine - Moscato Festival Tour Rome - Roberto Sarotto Wines - iBESTmag


Of course, maybe a couple of wines had that extra “quid” that made them appreciate us in a special way, but frankly, not in such a way as to do a wrong to all the others, which nonetheless delighted us during the evening with the their heady scents and that sweetness to taste, always irresistible and never cloying.


Go Wine - Moscato Festival Tour Rome - iBESTmag


To make us somehow forgive, however, we have reserved a small surprise for our readers: a short video created for the occasion that, we are sure, will confirm the impressions we have so far reported. Enjoy it!



Go Wine – Moscato Wine Festival


Icona Italiano 32



WARNING – To view these videos you must be of legal age (in your country) to consume alcohol. It is recommended to drink moderately and not to drive vehicles after drinking alcoholic beverages!

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