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Longines Master Collection


Elegance, Tradition, Performance.


A long history, almost 200 years, that of . One of the best watch brands in the world. Class watches, design and mechanical perfection. A brand synonymous with precision such as to be adopted by numerous international sports federations and official timekeeper in world competitions.

It all started in 1832, in the Swiss town of Saint-Imier, when Auguste Agassiz entered the world of watchmaking and with his intuitions and his foresight began to mark the transition between “craft” production and modern industrial production. At the time, in fact, the clocks were assembled at home and then marketed by the “Comptoirs”, a sort of intermediaries /distributors. Agassiz and later his nephew Auguste Francillion instead have a different vision: to create a real factory, where to unify the design, production and sales processes. A vision that became a reality in 1867, when the Longines factory was officially founded in the homonymous Swiss town. Given the success recorded, in 1989 Francillion registered the famous brand (already in use since 1967) of the “” with the writing Longines, which is still the oldest brand in use in its original form.



Among the current numerous collections of the Swiss manufacturer (now part of Swatch Group Ltd.) we decided to present on this occasion some samples from the ““, which combines classic elegance and excellence to the delight of watchmaking enthusiasts. A series of timepieces with an entirely mechanical movement, launched in 2005 and which has become the most successful line of the Swiss company. A collection that over time has been enriched by numerous models and variants, which continue to decree its success.

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