BereRosa 2019 – Rome


The best Italian Rosè wines in the event organized by Cucina & Vini.


In the splendid setting of Palazzo Brancaccio in Rome, the eighth edition of BereRosa was staged: an event organized by the magazine Cucina & Vini to disseminate and enhance the production of Italian rosè wines.

iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 - Librandi Cirò


iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 - Gardens of Palazzo Brancaccio - Rome


In Italy, for years there has been a decline (in general quantitative terms) of the production of these wines, despite the ever increasing demand from the public, especially in summer. This phenomenon is linked to a decisive change on the part of the producers who, in order to respond to the growing needs of the market, have turned towards a higher quality level than in the past.


iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 - Palazzo Brancaccio 01


This is how new and more refined wines are born, from the “classic” vines , but also from grapes that were not usually used for vinification in rosè.

In this regard, we have already dealt with these topics last year in our Italian Rosè Wines Special, and we were very pleased  to participate in a manifestation of BereRosa’s reach: about seventy wineries, with hundreds of labels to taste.



iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 - Veritas Mare Vento iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 - Rosè Rivera iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 - OndaRosa Amastuola
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iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 - Cantine Spelonga Marilina iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 - Calalenta Fantini iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 - Terre di Chieti Feudo Antico


The lion’s share, at a numerical level, was naturally made by the three regions that have always been leaders in the italian production of rosè: namely Puglia, Abruzzo and Veneto, but also the others, albeit with a smaller number of companies , have proposed very interesting products.


iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 - Zeni Chiaretto Anfora


iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 Rome


iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 Rome 01


iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 Rome 02


In support of the wine event, some food companies have proposed special goodies for catering to accompany the tastings and that have contributed to the success of the event. Despite the very hot day in July, it’s been a pleasure to taste a good rosé, accompanied by some delicacies, sitting in the shade of the large trees that adorn the beautiful garden of Palazzo Brancaccio.


iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 Rome - Food


Our Top Five Selection


Let’s start by saying that the general quality level was remarkable, so we will limit ourselves to mentioning only the labels that have transmitted us some more “tasting emotions”, leaving only the images to suggest other wines worthy of attention.

Among the “still” rosés we found the following particularly interesting:

Librandi: Cirò rosato DOC
Marisa Cuomo: Rosè Costa d’Amalfi (Piedirosso 50% – Aglianico 50%)
Zeni: IGT Marogne Veronese Rosè (Corvina 70% – Rondinella 30%)


iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 Rome - Marisa Cuomo - Costa d'Amalfi Rosato Doc


Among the “sparkling wines” the following two stood out:

Vin.Co: Abruzzo Spumante – Rosè method Charmat
Il Borro: Bolle di Borro – classic method Rosè


iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 Rome - Vin Co Abruzzo Spumante Charmat


iBEstmag - Bererosa 2019 Rome - Bolle di Borro Rosè


Icona Italiano 32




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