Marina Bay Sands – Singapore


Almost touching the Sky.


This time we bring our readers to Singapore but unlike others, both large and complex hotels already proposed in this magazine, we want to tell you what can easily be called a city in the city: the Marina Bay Sands.

It is in fact a monumental architectural complex, designed by the architect Moshe Safdie and inaugurated in 2010, comprising three towers of 55 storeys each, surmounted by an incredible rooftop (Sands Skypark) that unites them at the remarkable height of about 200 meters. A place, the Skypark that has no equal in the world, with its 12,400 square meters of extension within which the Infinity Pool, 150 meters long, is certainly one of the most exciting elements of the entire complex. From there, in fact, you can enjoy the spectacular skyline of Singapore and the South China Sea at 360 °, in its many events, both day and night. Hundreds of trees and ornamental plants also contribute at a glance.

Marina Bay Sands - Singapore Infinity Pool

Sands Skypark – Infinity Pool

Of course, the Skypark is not the only attraction of the Marina Bay Sands: visitors have at their disposal shopping centers, spa, cinemas, theaters, convention centers and even a museum, the ArtScience Museum housed in an adjacent Lotus Flower-shaped building. Eighty (yes you read that right) restaurants, including some conducted by well-known names of international cuisine such as Gordon Ramsay, Nancy Silverton, Daniel Boulud, Tetsuya Wakuda, just to name a few, can surely satisfy every palate. To conclude this summary list of the main features of the Marina Bay we can not fail to mention the multimedial event Spectra, which every night presents its spectacular play of light, water, colors and music.

Marina Bay Sands - Singapore

Do we forget something? Ah ok …. being a hotel we should have paid more attention to the aspect of hospitality proper but, let’s face it, we were distracted by all the other wonders of the complex. Well, let’s try to make up for it: 2561 (including 180 suites) very luxurious and very comfortable “rooms with a view” can be enough for you?


Marina Bay Sands - Singapore Infinity PoolMarina Bay Sands - SingaporeMarina Bay Sands - Singapore SkyparkMarina Bay Sands - SingaporeMarina Bay Sands - SingaporeMarina Bay Sands - SingaporeMarina Bay Sands - SingaporeMarina Bay Sands - SingaporeMarina Bay Sands - SingaporeMarina Bay Sands - SingaporeMarina Bay Sands - SingaporeMarina Bay Sands - Singapore

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